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Download Port Scanner - Do you need a small, fast and sturdy port scanner for your Windows PC? Advanced Port Scanner has been trusted by many people for this function. Thanks to the fact that Advanced Port Scanner is armed with multi-lane scan technology, it is able to scan hundreds of ports in just a few seconds! It is trusted because of its working speed and in a short time completing the scan, it also contains the most common port descriptions.

Port Scanner is a Small, Fast, Easy to use and Powerful Port Scanner.

Within a few seconds, you can scan ports on a fast machine and scan within a predetermined port range. This tool uses TCP packets to identify available hosts and open ports, port-related services, and other important features. This tool is designed with a user-friendly and easy to use interface.

Key Features:

  • Reduce run time with scan multiple scan
  • Run the scan from the command line
  • Set your preferred DNS server
  • Save the scan configuration
  • Monitor user connection activities and endpoint devices
  • View and edit IANA port name definitions

Advanced Port Scanner

Advanced Port Scanner is a free tool that is expected to help users scan the configured range of ports on any Windows workstation.

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Reality in Multi-Threaded Machines

This program is mostly impressive thanks to its intuitive feature and although it is not an application designed for beginners, it makes everything very easy to use. The main window prompts the user to enter the scan destination, which can be a single IP or an entire range. The same rules apply to ports; only the Advanced Port Browser is equipped with a default port list that contains global entries used by Windows.

One of the best things about Advanced Port Scanner is that it relies on multi-threaded machines, which means it can use a full powerful computer and complete the scanning process faster.

See Detailed Scanning Information

There is also a configuration screen that offers a number of options, including maximum thread and port scan time limitations, and thread priority and separate options for pinging the computer before scanning. Each scanned machine is displayed in a special panel with information about the port being scanned, opened and closed in the main window.

As you can see, Advanced Port Scanner is not a difficult program to use, so beginners can also try. It also includes a good help guide with basic information about the features available.


In general, Advanced Port Scanner is another port scanner that provides a fast engine and easy-to-use interface. It also exports sports results and a simple wizard to create new scans.

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