GoAnywhere MFT
GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere (MFT) Managed File Transfer

GoAnywhere MFT is a managed file transfer solution that facilitates data exchange between systems, employees, customers and trading partners. Comprehensive security settings provide centralized control with a detailed audit trail and help process information from files into XML, EDI, CSV, and JSON databases. For superior flexibility, it can be used internally in cloud or hybrid environments on platforms such as GoAnywhere, Microsoft Azure and AWS. Our MFT solution runs easily on platforms such as Windows, Linux, AIX and IBM i.

manual operations or insecure file transfer methods such as traditionally needed FTP servers. These innovative solutions reduce costs, improve the quality of your file transfers, and help your organization comply with data security policies and regulations. With integrated support for grouping, GoAnywhere MFT can provide high volume file transfers for businesses with load balancing on various systems. The grouping technology at GoAnywhere MFT also provides active-active automatic failover for disaster recovery.


Workflow Transfer Automated File Management by GoAnywhere eliminates the need to use multiple products and scripts to run your business processes. Get automatic end-to-end file encryption and transfer with the following features:

  • Multi-step workflow from 60 different tasks
  • A built-in timer that is comprehensive for running workflows
  • Folders are tracked with the option to scan new, modified, or deleted files
  • Automatic email alerts or file handling when triggered events occur (e.g. Upload, download)
  • Commands and APIs are used to initiate transfers from systems and remote applications


The safe GoAnywhere collaboration feature makes it easier and faster to connect with your trading partners, customers, suppliers, contractors, employees and colleagues, especially when traveling.

  • An intuitive browser-based web client for temporary file transfers
  • Synchronize and share company files using GoDrive
  • Secure Mail module to send files using email notifications with the HTTPS download link
  • Secure Forms modules for creating custom forms that can be processed with automatic workflows
  • Access files from anywhere with the Smartphone OS android, Apple or Any  application

Encryption and Compression

  • Provides FIPS 140-2 compliance mode to meet US Government (NIST) encryption standards
  • Encryption, signing, and decryption of files using Open PGP and GPG encryption standards
  • Automatically encrypts files (still) in the targeted folder using AES-256 encryption
  • Compress and decompress files using the AES standard ZIP
  • Includes integrated Key Management tools for public PGP keys, SSH keys, and SSL / TLS certificates


  • Connect to Secure FTP servers (SFTP, FTPS and SCP) for protected communications
  • Automates file transfers with FTP servers
  • Move sensitive files via TCP or SSL with the PeSIT protocol
  • Ensure delivery with automatic connection and file resume attempts
  • Remote file system transfers and workflows using MFT agents
  • xchange data with a web server using HTTP / S
  • nteract with Web Services using SOAP and REST
  • Allows the use of bandwidth reduction and monitoring file transfer volumes
  • Send AS2 messages with support for multiple file attachments
  • Speed up file transfers with the GoFast protocol from GoAnywhere
  • Send SMS messages using the popular SMS gateway
  • Access files and directories on network sharing using SMB / CIFS versions 1, 2, 3, and 3.1.1 Protocols
  • Access files and directories on WebDAV servers, Amazon S3 Bucket, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  • Interface with Antivirus and DLP solutions using ICAP
  • Send and receive files via e-mail and secure e-mail
  • Activate special programs and scripts as part of the entire workflow
  • Connected to Websphere MQ, SonicMQ and ActiveMQ for corporate messaging
  • Send traps to the SNMP server
  • Integrated with SOAP and popular RESTful web service applications such as Salesforce, Box, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Cloud Connectors
  • SFTP server for secure file transfer via SSH (supported by SCP)
  • FTPS server for secure FTP via SSL / TLS (Hidden SSL)
  • Standard FTP server with SSL support open
  • AS2 servers to receive EDI and other documents through a secure connection
  • Presentation of HTTPS for simple Ad Hoc file transfers through the Cui browser interface
  • Agent for automating file transfers and workflows on remote systems
  • DMZ gateway for storing files on a private network without opening the incoming port
  • Bandwidth reduction for limit network use to days of the week and time of day translation
  • Connect to popular database servers such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, IBM i, DB2, PostgreSQL, and Informix.
  • Convert data into Excel file format, XML, JSON, Delimited and Flat File or Fixed Width
  • Duplicate data between database servers
  • Simplifies ETL operations with the ability to filter records, match columns, and convert values
  • Audit and Reporting
  • GoAnywhere records all file transfers and administrator activities to help you meet business needs. You can see details on the dashboard or distribute them as PDF reports with the following features:
  • Browser-based interface for monitoring and management
  • Detailed audit records for all user activities and file transfers
  • Option to send logs to the company's SYSLOG server
  • Advanced reporting for management details, charts and graphs and statistics

Security and User Controls

  • Comprehensive security checks to meet compliance requirements including PCI DSS
  • Comprehensive user management system for business partners, customers and employee accounts
  • Separate GoAnywhere into a logical security zone through Domain
  • Verify users against Active Directory (AD), LDAP, IBM i, and databases
  • SAML (SSO) support for single entry systems
  • Lock users to certain directories with detailed permissions
  • Specify a virtual folder with aliases and permissions that are easy to use
  • Disk quota to limit the use of storage space for each user and folder

Centralization and Mobility

Users can add GoAnywhere connections to HelpSystems Insite, a free web platform that provides administrator visibility to GoAnywhere servers and metrics.

Focus GoAnywhere analysis from one dashboard

  • Monitor file transfer criteria and system performance
  • Provides visibility into GoAnywhere server status and activity
  • Supports 25+ dash gadgets from the main GoAnywhere software for easy viewing and mobility
  • Can be accessed from anywhere from any device (including tablets and smartphones)

Managed File Transfer Management

GoAnywhere MFT includes a browser-based interface for configuring and monitoring products. All popular browsers are supported Microsoft IE, Monzilla FireFox, Safari and Chrome. Because this is a server-focused solution, there is no need to install any software on any computer to manage the GoAnywhere MFT.

Most devices that support browsers have access to administrators at GoAnywhere MFT, including Windows / Linux / Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phones and other smartphones.

The dashboard provides a drop-down menu and links to quick access to GoAnywhere, along with a customizable gadget that displays vital system statistics and file transfer activities.
Because all screens contain context-sensitive instructions and field-level documents, Help is only a click away on the GoAnywhere MFT. Using GoAnywhere MFT does not require expertise or special programming to ensure that new users are productive in minutes.


More than 20 configurable gadgets can be added to the special control panel of each administrator. Examples of some popular devices at GoAnywhere MFT are listed below:

Summary of Active Sessions

Quickly determine the number of connections available for each file transfer protocol. Click anywhere in the interactive table to go directly to detailed session information.

Latest Web User Activities

View the latest Web User activities from modules that users can access. Click Username to go to the Global log where all shows appear in search results "like Google".

File Transfer Summary

Understand the pattern of transferring your file files according to hours, days, weeks, months, or years. You can choose to view file transfers to individual protocols or to all protocols simultaneously.

Top Web Users by Transfer

Monitor users who transfer maximum number of files or data. Click the username to go to the Global log where all account activity appears in search results "like Google".

Latest Black List IP Address

Displays a list of recently blocked IP addresses and the reason why GoAnywhere identifies them as dangerous.

Business Statistics

Apply GoAnywhere for the selected time period Display the number of work in progress Click anywhere on the interactive graph to go directly to detailed Complete Job information.


GoAnywhere MFT is connected to various servers for secure file transfers from server to server. This connection is made through TCP / IP networks using a standard protocol. No need to install other software components on any server that is connected to the GoAnywhere MFT. This non-preventive central solution mem allow you to save significant licensing costs and have a single point of control and management.

Amazon S3 Bucket

With automatic workflows, files can be downloaded and downloaded from the Amazon S3 bucket.

AS2 server

AS2 messages can be compressed, signed, encrypted, and sent via SSL tunnels which are very safe options for transferring AS2 files. AS2 also applies MDN (receipt) to ensure message delivery.

Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage provides organizations with cloud storage that are affordable and scalable from Microsoft. GoAnywhere supports block block type storage. Projects on GoAnywhere can be linked to Azure Blob Storage resources to upload, download, and manage documents.

Database server

Connect to various database servers such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, IBM i, DB2, PostgreSQL, Derby and Informix.

FTP server

Transfer files with a standard FTP server.

FTPS server

Transfer files with secure FTPS (FTP via SSL) servers.

HTTP Server (S)

Connect to standard HTTP servers and HTTPS servers use SSL / TLS to automate web services and other website operations.

ICAP server

Integrate with antivirus solutions to prevent viruses and malware from entering the institution. ICAP can also be used to integrate with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to ensure that sensitive information must not be sent to unauthorized parties.

GoFast server

Send accelerated file transfers between GoAnywhere servers using a special GoFast protocol.

Mail server

Send and receive emails using SMTP, POP3, and IMAP.

Server Message Queue (MQ)

Integration with Websphere MQ, SonicMQ and other popular MQ servers for application-to-application messaging.

Local Calls

Run commands and scripts on Linux, Windows, IBM i, and other operating systems. SSH commands can also be sent to servers that support SSH to automatically make software upgrades, system operations, and more.

Network Division

Share files and folders on the network using local operating system actions or using an SMB / CIFS client.

PeSIT server

Transfer files to the PeSIT system (Protocol d’E Changes) and fill the system with Interbancaire de Telecompensation.

SCP server

Transfer files with SCP (Secure Copy) servers.

SFTP server

Upload and download files using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) to secure file transfers from the server to the server sent between you, your trading partner, and the company server.

SMS Gateway

Send SMS text messages through popular 3rd party SMS gateway services using your project.

SNMP server

Send a trap from the Project to the SNMP server for event notifications.

WebDAV server

GoAnywhere can connect to web servers or web sharing using the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol. Projects at GoAnywhere can also be linked to WebDAV resources for uploading, downloading, and managing documents.
Data Distribution GoAnywhere MFT can distribute it from any server listed above to other servers or foreign trade partners on your network.

File server

GoAnywhere MFT provides file services that allow customers, business partners and employees to connect to your system and exchange files in a safe environment. It is an internal solution with comprehensive management control and audit log reporting. HTTPS servers can also be activated to allow users to make temporary file transfers through an intuitive browser-based interface.

Available File Services

  • AS2 server
  • FTP server
  • FTPS server
  • HTTPS server
  • SFTP server
  • GoFast server
Through GoAnywhere security controls, you can choose which services are activated and which users can access them.


Ensuring the privacy and integrity of your data is very important, both stored on disk or sent outside your organization. Sending file transfers encrypted from sensitive data is very important for compliance with PCI DSS, state privacy laws, and federal regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

goanywher Before implementing some popular technologies for encrypted file transfers. Click the link below to learn more:
  • Encrypted folders to protect files using 256-bit AES encryption
  • Turn on PGP and GnuPG (GPG) to encrypt and decrypt files using public and private keys
  • SSL to send encrypted file transfers through the AS2, FTPS and HTTPS protocols
  • SSH to send encrypted file transfers through the SFTP and SCP protocols
  • ZIP with AES to compress and encrypt files with AES encryption

FTP client

GoAnywhere MFT can connect to standard FTP servers and secure FTP servers using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), SCP, and FTPS protocols (FTP over SSL). The GoAnywhere MFT will guarantee FTP transfers with options for automatic connection retry, automatic restart of disconnected file transfers and integrity checks for successful file transfers.
FTP feature on the GoAnywhere MFT
  • Full support from standard FTP command sets
  • Import, enter, delete, and move files
  • Create, change, and rename the index
  • Run special orders
  • Transfer multiple files per connection
  • Supports the MLSD standard for a list of parsing directories
  • Autodetect and ASCII Binary Modes
  • Support for Passive and Active connections
  • Try the connection again and automatically start transferring files with user-specified settings
  • File integrity verification uses the CRC-32 and MD5 checksum algorithms
  • The file name suffix and prefix; fixed, time stamp or variable
  • Rename files and other properties during execution using variables
  • Configurable port range
  • Support for SOCKS and HTTP Proxy
  • Ability to change file permissions (if permitted)
  • Time stamp protection (optional)
  • Warning for transfer errors via email, text messages, and system messages

FTP source

FTP server connections can be predetermined in the GoAnywhere MFT Manager as a reusable Resource, which can be selected from a simple drop-down menu. The FTP task can be embedded in the GoAnywhere MFT Project and executed as part of the appropriate workflow process. For example, a Project can be defined to import records from a database file, convert records to CSV files, and then put CSV files on the FTP server.

SFTP Client for Managed File Transfer

SFTP (short for SSH File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol that organizations can use to secure and send file transfers through SSH (secure shell).

GoAnywhere MFT enables SFTP automation and facilitates and maintains traditional SFTP data transmission, GoAnywhere can guarantee the delivery of your SFTP transfers by automatically retrying the connection, continuing intermittent file transfers, and checking the integrity of your transfers.

GoAnywhere MFT Download:

Free Download 32 bit
GoAnywhere MFT
Free Download 64 bit

SFTP feature on the GoAnywhere MFT

Using the GoAnywhere SFTP client, you can:
  • Verify your user with a password, SSH key, or both. Multiple factor authentication is supported.
  • Use the Get, Mget, Put, Delete, and Move commands to check your files.
  • Create, change, and change your index name at any time.
  • Transfer multiple files per server connection.
  • Try the connection again and continue transferring files automatically with user-specified settings.
  • Ensure that the integrity of your package uses the Mac algorithm (SHA1 and MD5).
  • Fix and time stamped or variable suffixes and prefix file names.
  • Change file names and other properties during execution using variables.
  • Configure your port number.
  • Get support for SOCKS and HTTP Proxies.
  • Change file permissions (if permitted).
  • Maintain postage transfers.
  • Use a strong NIST-approved encryption algorithm when in FIPS 140-2 Compatibility mode.
  • Receive notifications via email, text and system messages for relay errors.

SFTP source

SFTP server connections can be predetermined in the GoAnywhere MFT Manager as a reusable resource that can be selected from a simple drop-down menu. SFTP tasks can be embedded in the MFT GoAnywhere Project and executed as part of the appropriate process. For example, a Project can be defined to import records from a database file, convert records to XML files, and then place XML files on an SFTP server.

File Filtering

When importing or placing files via SFTP, the selected files can be entered and excluded using various filter Categories:
  • Regular expressions
  • Date and time range
  • Size range
  • Variables are forwarded to the project

SFTP log

An audit trail (log) is generated to meet audit and compliance requirements for all SFTP transmissions at the GoAnywhere MFT. The level of daily detail can be controlled by a project based manager. This detail can be configured to include all issued SFTP commands, SFTP messages, and file names that are sent. Log messages can also be sent to the Syslog server using a UDP or TCP connection.

SSH Key Management

A comprehensive Key Manager is provided to enable SSH Keys management at the GoAnywhere MFT. This Key Manager can be used to create SSH public and private keys, export keys, and display keys. This SSH key can be used in the GoAnywhere MFT to automate SFTP file transfers.

Standard Support for SFTP

GoAnywhere MFT supports the following standards for SFTP:
  • SSH 2.0

Password (Symmetrical Cryptography Algorithm)

  • Triple D ES, key length of 192 bits
  • Blowfish, key length up to 448 bits
  • AES, change the length to 256 bits

MAC algorithm

  • MAC-SHA1
  • HMAC-SHA1-96
  • HMAC-SHA2-256
  • HMAC-MD5
  • HMAC-MD5-96

Change Key Algorithm

  • Diffie-Hellman
  • MODP groups 1, 2, 5 (1536 bits)
  • 14 (2048 bits)
  • 15 (3072 bits)
  • 16 (4096 bits)
  • 17 (6144 bits)and 18 (8192 bits).

SSH Private Key

  • Key with OpenSSH code
  • PEM (key enhanced privacy) keys are encoded

SSH Public Key

  • Key with OpenSSH code

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