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FTP Android

What is a server?

FTP Android-As time went on, computers experienced increasingly significant changes. starting from the function to the shape. one of the uses of computers is to make it easier for us to process data and display it into information. This data or information is stored in a place or we can call data server. but do you know what a server is? and the type? here is a little explanation about the understanding of the server and its functions,

A server is a computer system that provides certain types of services in a computer network. Servers are supported with scalable processors and large RAM, also equipped with special operating systems, which are referred to as network operating systems (network operating system).

Server Types:

There are various types of servers that exist, with different functions and uses. You can see the various types of servers below:
  1. Proxy server: limits data requests, connection performance, and file sharing between servers and clients outside the network. In addition, this proxy server also functions as a gateway between local networks and external networks (internet)
  2. Telnet server: manage the computer by logging in and logging out on the host computer.
  3. Virtual servers: make a number of physical servers as if they were multiple servers.
  4. Web server: store content on the website and communicate using HTTP.
  5. Audio and video servers: store multimedia features of a website.
  6. FTP server: regulates data transfer in a network
  7. Application server: processing commands given by the client and connecting them to the database.
  8. Mail server: stores various kinds of electronic mail, handles various client requests.
  9. News server: distributes various kinds of news through news networks.

Server Function

Although there are various types of servers, but in general a server has the same function. The following are various types of server functions in general:

  1. Server and take full responsibility for requests for data from the client computer.
  2. Providing various kinds of resources to be used by all client computers that are included in the network, both in the form of hardware and software / applications.
  3. Responsible for managing data traffic.
  4. Save various files and data to be accessible together using the FTP protocol.
  5. Set access rights (permissions) into a network, so that not all clients are able to access data contained in the server computer.
  6. Provides applications and databases that can run on all client computers.
  7. Provide protection for client computers by installing a firewall or anti-malware on the client computer.

How The Server Works

Simply put, the server works at the request of a client. For example, for the case of a web server, when you type a website address using a browser, then your computer is acting as a client requesting information from the web server. The web server then sends the contents of the website to your computer, so you can also access the contents of the website.

In a simple word a machine that presents information to another machine is called a server. Almost all machines can be converted into servers and even our small Android smartphones. The only difference between a large data center and our smartphone is the ability to handle requests.

In a network connection between mobile devices with other cellphones or computer devices, there is a name that many Android users or other systems do not know about the FTP function. If you see in the Bluetooth connection settings there is a menu called 'FTP Server' where the menu can be activated and deactivated. The question is, what exactly is the definition of FTP server, especially on Android phones?

For other cases, such as an FTP server, it might be a little different. On an FTP server, you can upload a document or data to the FTP server, so that it can be stored on that server. As a client, you have the right to store your data on an FTP server.

Later, if there are other people who are members of the server network and want to download your data or documents, the FTP server will provide connections for these other clients. In general, all types of servers work by carrying out previously mentioned functions, from serving data requests from clients to delivering

protection on client computers. It's just that, for different types of servers, things that are served are different.

What Is Android FTP / FTP?

FTP / FTP Android stands for File Transfer Protocol. This protocol is used to access files located on the host server remotely. You can also access the desktop computer's hard drive files on your smartphone using an Android FTP client remotely. And the same thing for Android by configuring an FTP server application on Android. Full control in an FTP can be entered in access to read files, write files (write), delete files (delete) and do everything like a mobile administrator who opens FTP Server access.

If you activate the FTP Server / FTP Server Android menu option then later other devices connected to the Android phone will be able to download the data easily. So if you always fail to connect or transfer between files on the Bluetooth network, please check whether the FTP Server is active or not, if it is not active, please activate it to make it easier to transfer files between devices, whether on a cell phone or on a computer device.

What is an Android FTP Server / FTP Server?

As we know about FTP and Servers, so when you combine FTP which is basically a protocol means a set of rules - (how files will access and transfer remotely between two systems) with some hardware machines used to service FTP protocols is known as FTP server. FTP servers offer access to directories, with sub-directories or transfer files between two computers, moreover, it is one of the oldest protocols that we still use. SFTP is a secure FTP version.

What is an FTP Client / FTP Android Client?

FTP client / Android Client is a computer / device that requests data exchange services to FTP servers / FTP Android Servers. After connecting to an FTP server, FTP clients can download, upload and so on according to the permission given by the previous FTP server. Most FPT Clients choose to use a passive connection by default, because the server admin considers this to be safer. By using a passive connection, all connections starting from the outside will be directly blocked. With passive mode, it is the FTP Client that requests the server to make a connection.

Thus an explanation of the meaning of Server, Type of Server, Server Function, How the Server Works, What Is FTP Server, What Is FTP Client, And How It Works And Its Benefits Both Overall Or FTP Android Server And FTP Android Client ,. Hopefully the article above helps you to better understand the world of computer networks along with the concept of client-server in it.


So FTP / FTP Android is a protocol that is used for the purpose of transferring / exchanging data between computers (client and server), where with FTP, we can upload and download files easily. FTP has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of exchanging data. Even so, until now there are still many people who use FTP Android because it is considered more reliable and efficient