Xshell Download-Previously I had discussed how to remote Linux servers from Windows with PuTTY, this time using the Xshell application. Xshell is a client application for Telnet, SSH, and Terminal Emulator on Windows. NetSarang Computer which is the maker of this application provides a free license for Xshell. Xshell can be an alternative application of PuTTY which was already widely known as an SSH client for Windows. What I like about Xshell is supporting tabs and the most important thing is making SSH keys. PuTTY can make a key (PuTTY Private Key) but the time taken is very long. Xshell Download


  • Supports SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL protocols
  • Windows Vista / 7/8/10, Server supports 2008/2012/2016 date
  • Supports OpenSSH and ssh.com servers
  • Supports multiple tabs in a window
  • Supports displaying multiple tab groups in a window
  • Multi-user settings
  • Keep life options
  • SOCKS4 / 5, HTTP proxy connection
  • Private key mapping
  • VB, Jscript, Python script
  • IPv6 support
  • Support Kerberos authentication (MIT Keberos, Microsoft SSPI)
  • SSH / Telnet monitoring

Session Manager

  • Session Manager provides a convenient way to manage and run multiple sessions
  • Create and manage session files for local and remote hosts
  • Supports the Session dialog box, address bar, local prompt, session shortcut, and link bar to log in
  • Provides default session for quick links
  • Simultaneous connection with several sessions
  • Address bar supports URL commands and provides connection to remote hosts with or without a saved session. Xshell Download
  • Supports automatic login and login scripts
  • Supports the display of folders and trees in the Session dialog box
  • Bulk update session
  • Import and export session


  • Unicode based terminal buffers
  • VT100, VT220, VT320, XTERM, LINUX, SCAN and ANSI terminals
  • Fixed terminal size options for standard output
  • Temporary horizontal scroll bar at fixed terminal size
  • Multilingual output encoding (UTF-8)
  • Write a Bar to send strings to several sessions
  • Writing pad to send multiple rows to several sessions
  • Search for string characters using regular expressions.
  • Column unit text selection
  • Supports multi-byte character strings in copy and paste operation
  • Double-click the word selection limiter in the selection window
  • Select a three-click row
  • Bold fonts and ANSI color codes
  • Xterm Terminal Mouse
  • Xterm 256 color mode
  • Meta Meta key emulation
  • Print terminal screens
  • Set gaps and line margins in the terminal window
  • Search for a user-defined web browser for the selected text
  • Various ringing options. Xshell Download


  • RSA / DSA / ECDSA / ED25519 Public keys, passwords, and interactive user authentication
  • RSA / DSA / ECDSA / ED25519 New Key Wizard and import / export keys
  • SSH PKCS # 11 support
  • User verification using Xagent (SSH user authentication agent)
  • AES128 / 192/256, 3DES, BLOWFISH, CAST128, ARCFOUR and RIJNDAEL encryption algorithms
  • MAC SHA1, SHA1-96, MD5, MD5-96 and RIPEMD160 Algorithms
  • zlib compression
  • Host Button dialog box
  • User Keys dialog box
  • Supports the use of the master password to encrypt passwords. Xshell Download
  • Plug-in User Interface for the main window
  • Theme selection feature
  • Convenient and powerful user interface
  • Supports custom layouts
  • Feature edit / import / export color chart
  • Change the cursor color and flash
  • Fonts easily replaced by fonts
  • Apply separate fonts for ASCII and non-ASCII characters
  • Specify the string of characters usually used as a quick command: Quick Command Bar, Quick Command Panel
  • Customizable Standard Keys in the toolbar
  • Security - information on locks, session selection, and network up / down traffic in the status bar
  • Full screen (Alt + Enter)
  • Transparency Option
  • Run Xmanager program to transmit X11
  • Can be operated with Xagent program for verification and forwarding of agents
  • Can be run with Xftp program for file transfers
  • Editing bumper scrolling in Notepad
  • Select the Xshell window with the menu command
  • TCP / IP and X11 forwarding
  • Dynamic port forwarding using SOCKS4 / 5
  • Tunnel panel to monitor and manage active guidance channels
  • Create an instant tunnel to add / delete or modify a tunnel to the current connected session
Local Commands
  • local shell prompt for advanced users
  • Local commands such as open, ssh, telnet, rlogin, sftp and ftp
  • Local Windows commands such as Ping, ipconfig, netstat, and nslookup
  • Go to a local prompt during a connection
Xshell Download:

Xshell Download
Free Download

Belt Transfer and File Management
  • Send and receive files with FTP / SFTP
  • Send and receive files with X / Y / Z MODEM
  • Send ASCII files
  • Send Delay to prevent data loss
  • Auto-save and support for various format logs during recording sessions
  • Xshell Download Set pages and print preview