Vsftpd Server

About Vsftpd

Vsftpd Server-vsftpd Server is a GPL licensed FTP server application for UNIX and Linux operating systems. It is safe and very fast. Determined. Nevertheless, don't take my word. Below we will see evidence supporting these three claims. We will also see a list of several important sites that are happy to use vsftpd. This indicates that vsftpd is a mature and reliable solution.

Features :

Although small for speed and security, most of the more complex FTP settings can be accomplished with vsftpd! The special list does not mean, vsftpd will handle:
  • Configure a virtual IP
  • Virtual users
  • Independent or inetd operation
  • Strong per user configuration
  • Slowing bandwidth
  • IP configuration per source
  • IP resource limit
  • IPv6
  • Support encryption with SSL integration
  • Etc ...

Online resources / documentation

Discover the vsftpd online resource tree, including documentation. Specifically, note the contents of the SAMPLE subdirectory. It is also the HTML version of the manual page that lists all the vsftpd configuration options.

Is the VSFTPD server suitable for me?

If your main requirements from an FTP server are one of the following, yes, vsftpd is probably the FTP server you are looking for.
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Stability
The only reason you choose an FTP server other than Vsftpd is that you really need to configure one of the larger FTP servers. After you say this, please note that vsftpd serves most cases of use. It is usually populated with external components such as PAM or xinetd / tcp_wrappers, even if the Vsftpd does not have properties. In this case, vsftpd is a small modular component right in the UNIX spirit. Finally, consider switching to vsftpd, even if you sacrifice some of the weird features of your existing FTP server. The benefits of security, performance and stability await you.

What people say about vsftpd?
  • SANS's SAC team recommends vsftpd as the preferred FTP server: "For those looking for an alternative FTP secure background program, the SAC team recommends vsftpd".
  • IBM recommends vsftpd in an article titled "Keeping Linux Servers for Service Providers". • RedHat praises the performance and scalability of vsftpd in press releases: ”Individual servers are performing more than 2500 downloads together ...“ öv Another change is to use vsftpd, a very light FTP background program designed for requests to the server. big ".

What are the major sites that rely on VSFTPD?

Note !! The following list is correct as of June 2004 (things may change over time). This is just a small example of many critical websites using vsftpd.
  • ftp.redhat.com
  • ftp.suse.com
  • ftp.debian.org
  • ftp.freebsd.org
  • ftp.gnu.org
  • ftp.gnome.org
  • ftp.kde.org
  • ftp.kernel.org
  • rpmfind.net
  • ftp.linux.org.uk
  • ftp.gimp.org
  • ftp-stud.fht-esslingen.de
  • gd.tuwien.ac.at
  • ftp.sunet.se
  • ftp.ximian.com
  • ftp.engardelinux.org
  • ftp.sunsite.org.uk
  • ftp.isc.org
Please sell me more about vsftpd security!
Exactly. vsftpd was designed and implemented from scratch considering security.
  • This fixes basic design flaws found in most wu-ftpd, proftpd, and even bsd-ftpd installations, without using excessive root users, which are dangerous.
  • It takes advantage of powerful security facilities such as talent and chrooting.
  • It uses secure coding techniques to solve the buffer overflow problem.
  • Written by someone who is a vulnerability researcher.
For more information about how vsftpd is safe, see the distributed documentation file: An online copy is here:
  • Overview
  • Design
  • Application
  • Confidence
Free Download

Please tell me more about the vsftpd performance!
Of course.
  • Usenet poster finds VSDPD twice as fast as BSD-ftpd (which, unlike wu-ftpd, doesn't bend).
  • One who compares vsftpd on localhost shifts 70Mbytes / sec in excess of the TUX (55Mbytes / sec) in exceptional condition. (missing link)
  • A person who points to the Linux network using vsftpd over gigabit ethernet and a vsftpd score of 86Mbytes / sec. (missing link)
  • RedHat in his diary, referring to the use of vsftpd, said Alan Cox, "We finally have ftpd scalable for Linux."