TFTP Windows

TFTP Windows

TFTP Windows-TFTP server is software that will be used by every network admin and engineer one day or more, along with the development of technology there are so many categories Protocol for file transfer, as we generally know like sftp (secure file transfer protocol), ftp (file transfer protocol ), TFTP (Trivial File Transfer protocol) ordinary TFTP Server with TFTPD32 application, WinAgents TFTP, Solarwinds TFTP Server, alternative to solarwinds, and for SFTP software used filezilla sftp server, solar winds software, alternative to solarwinds, stftp port using port 22 in transferring files both upload and download, and for FTP software using port 21 ftp, ftp server free ftp program that is widely used filezilla ftp server, andftp 720, solar winds software, fireftp and alternative ftp TFTP Windows.

For what TFTP is used

TFTP, Trivial File Transfer protocol, is a file transfer protocol that is used to transfer small files using UDP across networks, especially LANs, because UDP is a protocol without connection without confirmation of packets being received / sent. The use of TFTP is very common with Network Engineers who are constantly working on Cisco switches and routers and other brands that offer the ability to upgrade, back up and save OS configuration files and firmware through file transfer servers. Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) is FTP that is simplified and uses port 69. TFTP works using the UDP protocol that uses connectionless oriented relationships that do not control

What is the difference between Connection-Oriented and Connectionless Oriented

  1. Connection-Oriented is a communication that exchanges information in controlling data transmission, which is called a handshake, before sending data. The Connection Oriented exchange also ensures that the data sent will be received at the destination.
  2. Connectionless-Oriented is the process of sending data without responsibility if there is a data error. This means that if a delivery error occurs then the data will not be resent. This connectionless method in the TCP / IP protocol is usually used for UDP (User Datagram Protocol) communication. It can be said also, connectionless does not need to create and maintain a connection.
Because this protocol is very simple, the implementation of this protocol on computers that have small memory is very easy and TFTP can also enter into the ROM on the NIC Card. Finally, TFTP is also used to boot computers as well as computer network routers that do not have data storage devices. This protocol is still used to transfer small files between hosts on a network, as well as when a remote terminal is the X Window System or another Diskless System that boots from a network host or server. This TFTP uses UDP services (User Datagram).TFTP Windows  Protocol) runs at layer 4 (Transport) with port address = 69.
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