TFTP Server
TFTP Server

TFTP Server-TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol.) A simple protocol for transferring files. This protocol is implemented with the UDP (User Data Protocol Protocol) used to boot computers and computer network routers without storage devices. This protocol is used to transfer small files between network hosts and also when other thin terminals are started from a network host or server.

This protocol is used to transfer small files between network hosts and also when other TFTP client remote terminals are started from a network host or server. Usually the error is due to the termination of the connection. This is to send an irreversible and retransmitted error packet signal to obtain a second end of the connection. Therefore, timeouts are used to detect stops when a packet error is lost. This error is due to three types of events, such as that the query cannot be executed, files that cannot be found, violations or notifications.

Do you receive a permanent copy of your router..? The network administrator knows that a quality TFTP server is very important to be the first of the routine tasks. TFTP Server WinAgents is a high performance server that is safe, reliable and designed specifically for administrators.

Our server is a fully performed TFTP server for Windows. 24x7 is designed to work in background mode, allowing managers to focus on other aspects of their work. TFTP Server Using WinAgents, you can back up device settings, update flash images, record audio files for IVR systems, and perform other useful operations.

Key Features of WinAgents TFTP Server for Windows:

  • Platform: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7/2008
  • Supports x64 platform ,works as a 32-bit process.
  • Applied as a Windows service.
  • Works as a 24-hour background process.
  • IP based access control. TFTP Server enables configuration of access rights to files based on the client's IP address.
  • Support for sending files over a firewall - all files can only be sent using a UDP port.
  • Remote server management. You can configure the server remotely, check the current TFTP sessions and server work logs.
  • Full TFTP option support - full support for full-size, block size and timeouts that allow administrators to optimize data transmission.
  • Virtual TFTP folder. Using the Virtual TFTP Folder You can specify different permissions for various folders.
  • Includes options to determine the highest priority for server operations,this is useful for systems that process large amounts of TFTP clients and maximize speed
  • Includes graphical utilities for server settings and server status control.
  • High availability: changing the server settings does not require a restart of the server.
  • High-scale server architecture. The default cache system provides maximum productivity and scaling. 
TFTP Server Download:

WinAgents TFTP Server
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The original TFTP version had a protocol weakness, called Apprentice syndrome, when it was first detected before it was checked by RFC 1350. TFTP first appeared as part of BSD 4.3. This protocol is also available in Mac OS X, at least until version 10.5. Recently, Computer Worms, such as W32, has often used TFTP. Blaster is a method of spreading itself and spreading to other network servers. TFTP is also used to download computers over the network.

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