SolarWinds Alternative

SolarWinds Alternative

Total Cost of Ownership High

SolarWinds Alternative-The SolarWinds pricing model is based on the number of items in the network to be monitored. SolarWinds price, each node, interface or disk unit, etc. Any item with the highest amount calculated for the calculation and used for licensing.

Limited or no correlation

SolarWinds, Network Performance Monitor, Netflow Traffic Analyzer, Log & Event Manager, etc. As it has separate products. Unlike Motadata's integrated platform. Some tools give you silo information and therefore do not correlate.

Value of Money

SolarWinds installation requirements - Windows server 2008/2012/2016, SQL 2008/2012/2014/2016, .Net framework. However, no special hardware or software is required to install Metodata. While Motadata has a consumption-based pricing model, SolarWinds has an item-based pricing model.
Integrated Platform. SolarWinds Alternative

Some modules do not leave true control. Usually, if the IT team uses many modules to monitor the hybrid infrastructure, this leads to information silos and a total network view of the entire network. Unlike SolarWinds, Motadata can process and analyze all types of measurements, network streams and log data using a single platform.
Alternative to SolarWinds

Freedom of Customization

In the case of SolarWinds, you will get what is specified in the package. However, a custom Motadata plugin can be written according to customer requirements. Custom plug-ins allow you to seamlessly track your monitoring needs.


Motadata can be upgraded according to customer needs when and when it is needed. Motadata has load balancing features supported by the Remote Recall Machine - Customers can use Motadata at home or in the cloud and can choose from a single or distributed deployment option.
Motadata to SolarWinds
Best Alternatives for SolarWinds

Flexible license

Motadata has a consumer-based pricing model and a flexible licensing option, which reduces the total cost of ownership for customers. In the case of SolarWinds, there is an item-based pricing model, which means that customers must pay for each expensive connector. SolarWinds Alternative

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