SecureCRT® for Mac

SecureCRT For Mac-SecureCRT combines terminal rock emulation from the Secure Shell protocol with encryption and is very safe to use, secure data integrity, and strong and easy authentication options. SecureCRT can be used for secure remote access, file transfers that we want, and data tunnels for everyone in your organization with very easy to use.
  1. Provides powerful multi-protocol security for data on the go
  2. Easily manage and configure
  3. Monitor and record events with automation support
Whether you change Telnet or Terminal or need a more secure secure remote access tool, SecureCRT is an application that you can live all day long. With powerful SSH security, comprehensive session management, and sophisticated scripting, SecureCRT helps you maximize your productivity.

Network experts can run SecureCRT on Mac, Linux and Windows systems. Available for all platforms:
  1. Quality competition
  2. Standard-based security
  3. Powerful session management
  4. High efficiency interface
  5. Time-saving automation tool


This file contains a history of SecureCRT products. This includes a list
new features, changes and bug fixes are sorted by versions. For a
Product description, installation notes, registration information,
Please refer to SecureCRT_README.txt for contact information.
(downloaded with this installation).


Changes in Secure CRT 8.5.3
  • Address key exchange algorithms Same as curve25519-sha256 algorithm.SecureCRT For Mac

Bug fixes:

  • In some cases, tile sessions are not resized correctly After resizing the Command window.
  • If the default session protocol is set to something else  BUT and Quick Connect protocol changed to BUT; To configure TAPI to generate an error.
  • If the screenplay is called Screen.get2 (), the line drawing characters in the terminal window may be damaged.
  • Scroll bar when a large scroll buffer is configured stuck on top of the scroll back.
  • SecureCRT now prevents the addition of some Connect bars toolbar.
  • SSH2: If the public key used was created with ssh-keygen, The -Z option may crash when trying to login to SecureCRT password.
  • Windows: When SecureCRT is enlarged or full screen magnified using CTRL + or mouse wheel when trying to zoom in Exit using CTRL - or the mouse wheel does not work.
  • Windows: Python 3.x is installed on the system and If the variable PYTHONPATH was set, SecureCRT could not be initialized.
  • Windows: Tab status indicator when "Background color" is used Sign up to fill the tab bar and attached important delay when connecting or closing a new session
  • Mac / Linux: Session Manager is always displayed initially though, Closed before SecureCRT is closed.
  • Mac / Linux: If the logon script is running in a session and is large, Number of outputs received, not all outputs are shown.
  • Mac / Linux: If the script is started using a mapped key, The "Cancel" item is not available in the command menu.
  • Mac: If the "Paste medium button" general option is set, the menu,  Confirm that the Paste dialog box appears after Cancel button pressed.
  • Mac: Zmodem Download List search dialog box does not show respect to Chinese people   character.
  • Mac: When using a Wacom tablet and pen as a mouse, The pointer will not always appear in the expected position.
  • Mac: If the text with the new line was added to Connect bar, text not visible.
  • Linux: Scripts and recently used sessions SecureCRT For Mac cannot be selected use a reminder.