Rebex Tiny SFTP Server
Rebex Tiny SFTP Server-SFTP Tiny Rebex Server is a small, minimalist and single-user SFTP server for testing purposes.
This server is very easy to use. Just open the ZIP file, run the exe and that's it. If necessary, you can Change the configuration later. Is Small Server Too Limited? Use SFTP Server
  • Unlimited users
  • No installation required - just open and run
  • Run as Windows service
  • Can be operated as a service
  • Web management
  • Custom SSH commands
  • Same core as SFTP Tiny server

Get Started

  • Download and open the ZIP package.
  • Optional: Edit the RebexTinySftpServer.exe.config file.
  • Run TinySftpServer.exe
  • Press START to start submitting files over SFTP.


  • Simple SFTP server.
  • FREE to use even for commercial purposes.
  • Detailed activity log.
  • Single user with read / write access.
  • Works with .NET 4.0 on any modern Windows.
  • DSA and RSA switch support.
  • No adjustment required. Open the ZIP file package and run it.

When to use Tiny SFTP Server

Development and testing of local SFTP client applications
Do you need to test your application now? Don't want to wait days or weeks for your technical support department to set up an SFTP test server?
Don't you want to spend your time working on your own how to configure a full-featured SFTP server?

Get a small SFTP server and start evolving in minutes.

  • Fast and dirty file sharing
    Open the Exe package, copy the file to the Data folder, run it. No installation You can now securely Connect from another computer to download data.

When you are not using the SFTP Tiny server

  • Not available with an original password
    This server stores passwords in clear text configuration files. The password is displayed even in the main form of the server. If your scenario requires a higher level of security and you have enough time to select, acquire, examine, configure, and secure a full-featured SFTP server
  • You should only test if your SFTP client is running.
    If you can only test whether your client application can connect to the SFTP server and download the files, you do not need to run any servers.

SFTP Server is running:

  • Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10, and later.
  • Windows Server 2012 or later.
  • Windows Server 2003, or 2008 Windows XP, Vista, 7, When using a server on this legacy System, you may need to install .NET 4.0 first.


Rebex Tiny SFTP Server
Free Download

Configuration key Description
sshPort TCP port on which the server runs. Default is 22.
userName Login name of the SFTP user.
userPassword The password of the SFTP user.
userPublicKeyDir Path to the folder with user public keys used for private/public key authentication. Raw or Base-64-encoded SSH2 key format supported. Optional. Leave blank to disable key authentication.
userRootDir Root data folder. If the folder does not exist, the server creates it and puts some test data there.
showUserDetailsOnStartup If set to true, user name and password are displayed in the application. Set it to false to prevent this.
rsaPrivateKeyFile Path to the server RSA private key file. PKCS #8, OpenSSH/OpenSSL SSLeay and PuTTY formats are supported. A new key file is generated if it does not exist.
rsaPrivateKeyPassword Password for the server RSA private key file.
dssPrivateKeyFile Path to the server DSA private key file. PKCS #8, OpenSSH/OpenSSL SSLeay and PuTTY formats are supported. A new key file is generated if it does not exist.
dssPrivateKeyPassword Password for the server DSA private key file.
autoStart If set to,true the server starts when the application is started. No need to press the button. Default is.false


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