What is ProFTPD?

Highly configurable GPL licensed FTP server software

Project Objectives

ProFTPD-ProFTPD has grown up with its desire to have a secure and configurable FTP server and its admiration for the Apache web server.

The most commonly used server was wu-ftpd when the project was started. Although wu-ftpd offers very good performance and is generally a good product, wu-ftpd does not have many features on the new Win32 FTP servers and the security history is poor. Many people, including developers working on ProFTPD, spent a lot of time fixing errors and imprisoning features. Unfortunately, it is quickly understood that a complete redesign is required to implement the desired configuration and features.

Apart from Wu-ftpd, there are several other FTP servers designed to be light and secure at the cost of configuration. For example, Troll FTP is an excellent FTP background program that uses more secure and less resources than wu-ftpd. Unfortunately, it's quite suitable for basic FTP services, but doesn't offer the features needed for more sophisticated FTP sites.

ProFTPD is a non-zero resource tree that doesn't hack according to other servers. A very well-known and busy traffic area is using ProFTPD.


ProFTPD will not be in the current position without the contribution of many people

Software Features

ProFTPD offers the following features that are more planned:
  • A single main configuration file that contains intuitive redirects and opening groups for any administrator who has used the Apache web server so far. proftpd add user
  • In each directory, the ".ftpaccess" configuration is similar to "htaccess" Apache.
  • It is easy to configure multiple virtual FTP servers and anonymous FTP services.
  • It is designed to run as a stand-alone server or inetd / xinetd depending on the system load.
  • Anonymous root does not require FTP directories, specific directory structures, system binary files, or other system files. proftpd add user
  • No SITE EXEC command. In a modern Internet environment, such orders are a security nightmare.
  • The source code can be used (and always accessible) for auditing auditors and developers.
  • Hidden directory files based on Unix permissions or user / group ownership. It works as a non-configurable user, which can be configured in stand-alone mode to reduce the likelihood of attacks that can benefit from "root" capabilities. Note: This feature depends on the features of the Unix host system. proftpd add user
  • Utmp / wtmp for logging and support. Logging is compatible with the wu-ftpd standard with comprehensive logging.
  • Support for shadow password arrays including support for expired accounts.
  • The modular design enables the servers to be expanded with modules. Modules include SQL databases, LDAP servers, SSL / TLS encryption, RADIUS support, and so on. Written for.
  • IPv6 support.


ProFTPD is known to be compiled and working on the following platforms. If you find that someone is not on this list, please contact the core team.

AIX            BSD /        OS Cygwin *
Digital        Unix DG / UX HP / UX
IRIX *        Linux *     Mac OS X * +
SCO           FreeBSD* NetBSD
OpenBSD  Solaris *    SunOS
Linux for IBM S / 390, zSeries

Free Download

(*) The core team that designed ProFTPD has access to test this platform application.
(+) ProFTPD must compile "out-of-box" under Mac OS X, while Fink includes ProFTPD in the OS X distribution.

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