Port Number List

Port Number List

Port Number List-Port is a mechanism that allows a computer to support several connection sessions with other computers and programs on the network. The port can identify applications and services that use connections in the TCP / IP network. So, the port also identifies a particular process in which a server can provide a service to the client or how a client can access a service that is on the server. The port can be identified by the number 16-bit (two bytes) called Port Number and classified by what type of transport protocol is used, into the TCP Port and UDP Port. Because it has a 16-bit number, the maximum number of ports for each transport protocol used is 65536.

Some Ports Include:

  • Port 80, Web Server
    This port is usually used for web servers, so when a user types the IP address or hostname on the web broeser, the web browser will see the IP on port 80,
  • Port 81, Alternative Web Server
    when port 80 is blocked, port 81 will be used as the alternative port hosting the website
  • Port 21, FTP Server
    When someone accesses the FTP server, the FTP client by default connects via port 21 with the FTP server

  • Port 22, SSH Secure Shell
    This port is used for SSH ports
  • Port 23, Telnet
    If you run a telnet server, this port is used by the telnet client for connections with the telnet server
  • Port 25, SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol)
    When someone sends an email to your SMTP server, the port used is port 25
  • Port 2525 Alternate Server SMTP
    Port 2525 is the active alternative port of TZO to service email forwarding. This port is not a standard port, but can be used if the smtp port is blocked.
  • Port 110, POP Server
    If you use a Mail server, if the user logs into the machine via POP3 (Post Office Protocol) or IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol) to receive the email, POP3 is a protocol for accessing the mail box
  • Port 119, News (NNTP) Server
  • Port 3389, Remote Desktop
    This port is for remote desktop on WinXP Port Number List
  • Port 389, LDAP Server
    LDAP Directory Access Protocol has become popular for accessing Directories, or Names, Phones, Directory Addresses. The example for LDAP: // LDAP.Bigfoot.Com is the LDAP directory server.
  • Port 143, IMAP4 Server
    IMAP4 or Internet Protocol Access Messages are increasingly popular and are used to retrieve Internet Mail from a remote server. Disk is more intensive, because all messages are stored on the server, but allows it to be easily online, offline and decided to be used. Port Number List
  • Port 443, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Server
    When you run a secure server, SSL Client wants to connect to your server Safe will connect to the port
  • 443. This port has a secure Transaction server.
    Port 445, SMB over IP, File Sharing, Windows weaknesses that open this port. usually this port is used as a file sharing port including printer sharing, this port is easy to enter viruses or worms and the like
  • Ports 1503 and 1720 For Microsoft NetMeeting and VOIP
    MS NetMeeting and VOIP allow you to host Internet video calls or other with.
  • Port 5631, PCAnywhere
  • Port 5900, Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
    If you run VNC remote control server on your PC, use port 5900. VNC is useful if you want to control the remote server.
  • Port 111, Portmap
  • Port 3306, Mysql
  • Port Number List Port 981 / TCP

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