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Port Http-One way to find out the difference between websites that use HTTP and HTTPS protocols is to pay attention to the address bar in the browser that you are using. Try accessing the paypal.com page. After that try again on the new tab access vestinel.com. Are there different things from the two websites? If your focus is the browser address bar, then you will find that when accessing paypal.com the protocol used is HTTPS, while vestinel.com uses the HTTP protocol. So what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS that we know about?

What is HTTP and HTTPS

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a protocol that regulates communication between client and server. The client is a web browser or other device that can access, receive and display web content.
In general, the way communication between the client and server is the client making a request to the server, then the server sends a response to the client. The response in question can be an HTML file that will be displayed in the browser or other data requested by the client. All these activities are governed by a protocol that we are discussing, namely HTTP.
Whereas Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a secure version of port HTTP developed by Netscape Communications Corp.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

As an IT activist, of course we must be able to explain if someone is asking about the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. In this section we will review the differences from several aspects, namely:

1. Security of data sent

HTTP does not guarantee the security of data transmitted between the client and the server. While HTTPS guarantees the security of the data sent. Speaking of data security, there are at least 3 aspects handled by HTTPS, namely:

  1. Server Authentication, with server authentication, the user is fully sure that he is communicating with the server he is going to.
  2. Data confidentiality, data transmitted will not be understood by other parties, because the transmitted data has been encrypted.
  3. Data Integrity, data that is being transmitted cannot be changed by another party, because it will be validated by the message authentication code (MAC).

2. Port used

To communicate, by default HTTP uses port 80 while HTTPS uses port 443.port http

3. Need for SSL

By default, the protocol used for client-server communication is HTTP. While to be able to use the HTTPS protocol, we are required to have an SSL certificate. Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is a security technology that makes it possible to encrypt data that will be transmitted between the client and server. SSL allows us to be able to send important information, such as credit card numbers and login credentials, safely.
Well, from the explanation above, have you understood the differences between Port HTTP and HTTPS?

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