What is MySecureShell?

MySecureShell-MySecureShell is a solution to bring more features to the sftp / scp protocol provided by OpenSSH. By default, OpenSSH brings a lot of freedom to connected users, which means trusting your users. The purpose of MySecureShell is to provide the power and security of OpenSSH with enhanced features (such as ACLs) to limit connected users.

MySecureShell was designed because of the lack of features in the previous application on OpenSSH. OpenSSH was not designed as a file transfer solution, so we created MySecureShell.

MySecureShell is not a patch for OpenSSH, it is a shell for users. The advantage of this is:
  • Avoid entering the security holes in OpenSSH
  • No dependency on OpenSSH version
  • No OpenSSH compilation required
Thus, MySecureShell remains easy to install, secure and easy to configure.

SFTP why not FTP?

If you're wondering why you should use MySecureShell as an SFTP server instead of Classic FTP, there are several reasons:
  • There is no need to open several firewall ports, especially for file transfers.
  • You are using one of the most used and secure (SSH) protocols
  • You do not need to manage SSL certificates to ensure security
  • Easy to use as a classic FTP server
  • More or more features you can find on a classic FTP server
  • Easy to install, configure, maintain and use

What are the new features of SFTP from MySecureShell for OpenTPH?

Does MySecureShell really add advanced features to OpenSSH sftp? Iya NlH! Here are examples of features that MySecureShell can provide:
  • Bandwidth control
  • Only authorized files and folders can be viewed
  • Advanced logging information
  • ACL can be created with IP / Usernam / Group / VirtualHost / ...
  • Limited environment (chroot available in the latest version of OpenSSH)
  • Limit users to only sftp (shell access is disabled by default)
  • And again ...
Which operating system is compatible with MySecureShell?

MySecureShell has been developed to work on various Operating Systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, BSD and Windows (with Cygwin).

Unfortunately, we don't pack MySecureShell for all platforms, but we do our best to bring dual packages to the most common Operating Systems for production:
  • Linux (Debian / Ubuntu)
  • Linux (RedHat / CentOS / Fedora)
  • Mac OS X
MySecureShell Download :
MySecureShell Centos OS
Free Download
MySecureShell Debian
Free Download
MySecureShell Fedora
Free Download
MySecureShell Mac OS
Free Download
MySecureShell Ubuntu
Free Download

If the binary package is not available for your system, we will do our best to simplify installation with shell scripts and Makefiles.


There are several ways to install MySecureShell. The simplest solution is to use the binary package version. However, if MySecureShell is not designed for your operating system or distribution, you can compile the source and use a shell script installer.

Support for operating systems;
  • Installing CentOS / Redhat
  • Debian installation
  • Fedora loading
  • Installing Mac OS X
  • Installing Ubuntu

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