Secure FTP Server

GlobalScape SFTP-GlobalSCAPE's Secure FTP Server is a hardened file / data transfer server that provides secure data processing over standard Internet protocols. It goes beyond standard FTP servers by supporting:
  • Current multi-protocol support: FTP, FTPS (SSL / TLS), SFTP (SSH2) and HTTP / S (SSL)
  • Post-processing using highly configurable event rules
  • Data reliability and integrity guarantees
  • Automation of complex and time-consuming tasks
  • Local and remote management of multiple servers and / or sites
  • Flexible authentication options
  • Highly configurable user, account and site settings

Secure FTP Server provides:

Data Protection and Encryption

GlobalSCAPE servers Secure FTP (Secure FTP) protects intellectual property, trade secrets or companies, and customer files that are transferred over the Internet using safe and efficient protocols, including FTPS (SSL / TLS) SFTP (SSH2) dan HTTP / S (SSL).

Guaranteed Delivery and Data Integrity

Secure FTP Server extends industry-standard FTP with robust reliability features such as post-transfer integrity verification, recovery in the middle of the file, and auto-restart

Monitoring and Control

Secure data delivery requires powerful audit trails for monitoring and rejection. Secure FTP Server provides industry-standard journaling (W3C, NCSA, Microsoft IIS Extended), digital certificates for proof of completion of email transactions and proof of identity.

Programmable Interface

The Secure FTP Server can be controlled through the Windows Administrator Interface or the Component Object Model (COM) interface. The COM API is a programmatic interface that allows you to control the server from your specific applications using any COM-enabled programming language.

Accelerated Transfers

Secure FTP Server supports Multi-part (segmented) transmissions for faster transmission of large files to large geographic distances. Multi-part transfer requires the use of compatible and secure clients, such as CuteFTP Professional.

Life cycle management

GlobalSCAPE Secure FTP Server allows you to manage users' removal quickly and efficiently, manage temporary accounts, cancel revocation, and republish public keys or certificates that have been expired or compromised if necessary.

Authentication and authorization

Secure FTP Server supports passwords, public keys, or one-time password authentication and is guaranteed to be very safe. User profiles can be managed internally or externally via NTLM, Active Directory (AD) or ODBC data sources.

User and Group Management

Manage system resources, including bandwidth, folder access, file types, and more, using detailed or site-wide controls for user and group management. Visually manage folder permissions with the Explorer-like Virtual File System view. Deny or override permissions, grant administrative, guest, or anonymous permissions, or deny access altogether

What's New in Secure FTP Server 3

HTTP / S Insertion Module
HTTP and HTTPS over transport support. Now your users don't need a special customer: they can safely transfer the file with their browsers. Secure FTP Server's HTTP / S Insertion Module is downloaded and purchased separately from Secure FTP Server.

Link Tracking

Troubleshoot problematic connections with connection monitoring. Review the logs per connection in real-time, search for text, filter results, and configure monitoring options.

Status Monitoring

View information and statistics about the selected connection, including the last three downloaded files, the current directory, the source IP, and more.

Detailed Logging

Choose between the standard and new verbose log format that captures every customer command and given server response.

Flow Compression

Accelerate transfers for customers who support the new MODE Z command by compressing transfers on the go.

Import / Export Configuration

Do you need to install a load-balanced architecture or back up your current configuration? Quickly export or import existing configuration files with a simple wizard, including custom commands, event rules, and permission groups

 File Locking

The Secure Server now contains provisions for locking files during the installation, so other clients will not download a partially installed file by mistake. 4

Maximum Concurrent Entries

You can also limit the number of logins in addition to the connection amount. For example, you can choose to allow the user to connect and to log on, or you can disable the connection socket completely.