FTP Manager

FTP Manager

FTP Manager-FTP (File Transfer Protocol) The file submission protocol is an Internet protocol that runs on the application layer, which is standard for sending computer files between machines in a network connected to each other. FTP is one of the oldest developed Internet protocols and is still used to download and install computer files between FTP clients and FTP servers today. FTP client is an application that can give FTP commands to the server

FTP Manager Lite provides a fast and secure way to transfer and share your files. This free FTP client allows you to move data from PC to FTP or between PC and server. Your data is secure for FTPS support (FTP over SSL), automatic network reconnection, automatic transfer resumes, the use of various efficient connections, and more.

Stylish and intuitive FTP Manager Lite interface makes data transfer easier. Configuring a new connection is a simple process with the connection wizard. After your connection is made, open the link in File Manager; you are ready to move the file. Explorer style file manager supports all standard processes like deleting, renaming, copying and more. It also supports drag and drop for easy transfer by simply sliding your mouse.

Want a central place to view and manage multiple links? The FTP Manager Lite tab style interface helps you control and display multiple connections in a window. Each tab can be linked to a different PC or FTP account.

The Transfer Queue displays a list of files to be transferred. Drag the file to the Transfer Queue and start the transfer with a single click. You can pause or restart the transfer at any time. If there are network problems, FTP Manager Lite will automatically reconnect and continue to transfer immediately after the connection is established. The log file saves all of your data transfer details with the date and time.

Features/ properties:

Connection options
  1. Transfer files and folders from PC to FTP or from PC to PC
  2. Compatible with all FTP servers
  3. Supports FTP and FTPS (FTP with SSL)
  4. Auto ASCII / Binary options
  5. Transfer of active and passive modes
Stay connected
  1. Automatic reconnect if it fails and continues to transfer
  2. Keep the link alive to facilitate fast and smooth transfers
  3. View and check
  4. Connect and control multiple transmissions
  5. View the status of each file transfer separately
  6. Keep detailed records showing all transfer operations
  7. Stop transfers at any time
Easy File Management
  1. Delete, rename, and copy files on your computer and server from within the program
  2. Drag and drop files for quick and easy movements
  3. Configure rules to overwrite, rename, or skip files
FTP Manager Download :

FTP Manager Download:
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