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Super Simple, Super Fast Download.

Free FTP-Free FTP is designed to be strong and user friendly. Connect to your server by clicking the button, then upload or download the file by dragging and dropping it onto your server or computer. (See Direct FTP for more strength and flexibility.)

Check everything you do with the FTP Events panel. Arranged regularly, this window provides a clear picture of file uploads and your download status and has left FTP records complicated in the past. It even allows you to pause or cancel your file transfer. If an error occurs, it is displayed in a clean and legible manner. This makes your site run smoothly and is user friendly.

FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and Others :

You need a program that can handle various types of FTP. With Free FTP, you can now choose between a number of different protocols including FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and different encryption methods. Even HTTP can handle events.

Historically correct :

Have you forgotten where you saved this important file? Free not FTP. It remembers where you explored in a session on your local computer and lets you track your tracks on the pop-up menu. Easily access folders that you have visited before. Click the drop-down menu, select the folder and you are there.

Code Completion (only full version):

That is a fact: the more you have to type, the faster you use the keyboard and the more you use your hands, wrists and fingers. Restore your keyboard and hands as much as you need with the Direct FTP code completion feature. Start typing any HTML tags or attributes in the default HTML editor; The FTP code is completed automatically. Talk about Productivity

With a Placemark, You Will Never Lose Your Space.

This property is strong and elegant; Strong, quiet type. You may not realize it, but when you start using it, you wonder how you pass it. Bookmarks allow you to save your location to a folder on your local computer, your server, or both.
Yes, both of them. Meet Bookmark Combo. They act as normal markers, except that they allow you to save local and remote folders, and then call both at once. This works wonderfully for managing your files and folders - just go there.

Important Information at a Glance:

The free FTP workspace has a practical Status Bar full of information below. This field contains useful information about what happened in your FTP session. This keeps you on the ball if you manage only a few files or hundreds of people.

Easy File Management:

Free FTP offers complete local and remote file management, so you can add, move, and launch files from within the entire program. Everything works as you expect: Double-click the executable file to start. Drag and drop files in and out of the local file browser; they are transported correctly.

Fast: Easy Archive Archives:

Looking for a quick way to back up your website? How does it sound when you click the button? The ZIP Archive Make feature automatically creates a ZIP folder and saves it to your local computer. Select the most important file for you on your server and you can back up by clicking the button.

Free FTP Download :

Free FTP
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More reasons to like Free FTP

  • Files and folders are easy to install and download! Using your mouse, drag and place it where you want.
  • The settings for accessing files and folders on the server are just a click away. Fast, easy and intuitive.
  • Secure file transfer support including SFTP via SSH, FTPS over Free FTP TLS, and HTTPS.

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