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Download SSH-Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows the exchange of data through secure channels between two network devices. SSH is widely used on Linux and Unix-based systems to access shell accounts, SSH is released as a replacement for Telnet and other unsafe remote shells that are widely spread on the internet, which sends information, especially passwords, in a simple text that makes it easy to encrypt. The encryption used by SSH provides data confidentiality and integrity over a wide and insecure network such as the Internet. SSH, which we often use for free internet tricks, is only tunneling, which sends and receives data through other connections.

That can be seen when we open official international sites like Facebook, Gmail, or others, we will automatically go to the site using the URL with the "HTTPS" prefix, why is that ?, Because these sites use the SSL protocol for HTTP Data delivery for security reasons.

SSH and SSL are examples of tunneling protocols that are used for safer data transmission, which distinguishes it from SSL, it can only be used if we have an official certificate that we have to buy, while SSH is not needed so that its use is easier. SSH is the protocol used to coat data transmission such as HTTP, FTP, and SMTP so that our connections are safe and also to be able to access sites that use the SSL protocol or open blocked sites.

Usability of SSH

SSH is designed to replace telnet and FTP protocols. SSH is a versatile product designed to do many things, most of which are tunneling between hosts. Two important things are SSH console logins (replacing telnet) and secure file transfers (replacing FTP), but with SSH you also get the ability to form tunnel sources to bypass HTTP, FTP, POP3, and anything else through the SSH tuner.

Public Key Cryptography (Public Key Cryptography)

SSH uses public key cryptographic methods to encrypt communication between two hosts, as well as user authentication. With this method, we will need 2 different keys that are used for encryption and decryption. Each of the two keys is called the public key (published to the public/others) and the private key (kept secret / only the owner knows). Each key above can be used to encrypt and decrypt.

Benefits of using SSH

SSH makes it possible to encrypt data so that it might be dangerous because it cannot access user information and passwords.
SSH also allows penetration of other protocols such as FTP. Following are some of the special things provided by SSH protection:

  • DNS Spoofing
    This type of hacking attack is done by entering data in the Domain System where the database caches the Server Name. This will cause the Name Server to return to the wrong IP so that it can divert traffic to other computers.
  • IP Address Spoofing
    IP Spoofing Use to hide IP packets that contain fake IP addresses and other identity connections when sending information.
  • Data and router manipulation along with the network
    The attacker obtain or modifies data in intermediate along the network route. This is often done on routers where data is entered from a gateway or checkpoint on the way to the destination.

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