Auto FTP Manager
Auto FTP Manager 6.0.1

Auto FTP Manager 6.0.1 Full-FTP (File Transfer Protocol) The file submission protocol is an application that is standard for sending computer files between machines running in application files and in a network connected to each other. FTP is one of the oldest developed Internet protocols and is currently used to download and install computer files between FTP clients and existing FTP servers. FTP client is an application that can give FTP commands to the server.

Auto FTP Manager is a powerful FTP Software for scheduling and automating uploading, downloading, moving or synchronizing FTP transfers. This program can work with any FTP server, including FTP, FTP / SSL and SFTP / SSH. Using Auto FTP Manager, you can easily transfer files between your local computer and FTP server, file transfer tasks require less time, require less effort, and automatically start the program.

Auto FTP Manager 6.0.1 provides a very flexible and easy to use tool. You can specify which files and folders are automatically transferred or synchronized for synchronization between individual files, all folders, or two directories. A powerful default timer allows you to transfer files once a week, weekly or once a month. In addition, this allows you to connect to multiple FTP servers while allowing other programs to run at the same time in the background while doing other tasks.

Features Automatic FTP Manager 6.0.1:

File Transfer Automation Auto FTP Manager

  1. Easily back up or synchronize your site with not only fast, but also programmable fully automatic transfers
  2. Move files between: PC to FTP server, PC to PC,
  3. From FTP server to FTP server
  4. Automatically detects ASCII or Binary transfer modes
  5. Save time by planning all your file transfers at a specific time that can be repeated every hour, daily, weekly, or monthly at the start of the application, or allow FTP Manager to automatically track folders for changes.
  6. Set Overlap Rules when files are in both positions
  7. Schedule file transfers that are running as a Windows task service
  8. Automatically transfer files to their names according to their change dates,size or file type
  9. Specify the time zone on the FTP server to preserve the history of the imported file.
  10. Automatic FTP Manager control using command line interface
  11. Perform scheduled tasks in the background
  12. Continue lost transfer
  13. Post-Transfer events such as Save Transfer Reports and Turn Off Computer

Secure Transfer Auto FTP Manager

  1. Transfer files between two servers using the file eXchange Protocol
  2. Prevent passwords and sensitive information from being sent using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) protocol or FTP over FTP (FTPS)
  3. Create separate configuration profiles for each FTP server
  4. Transfer files between multiple servers at the same time
  5. Connect directly to an FTP server or via HTTP, Socks v4, Socks v5, or FTP Proxy server

Easy File Management Auto FTP Manager

  1. Easily download and download files and folders. Drag and drop to where you want to transfer
  2. Edit, update, create, copy, compare, delete and more on your PC and server using the Automatic FTP Manager in the Default File Manager
  3. Synchronize your folders quickly by comparing and transferring only the changed files.
  4. Make edits directly to the server instead of having to transfer them first.
  5. Export Action Preview
  6. Save the Auto Transfer Report locally or on an FTP server, or email it to any address.
  7. Monitor each event with detailed log information, such as event date / time, type of event, and brief description.
Auto FTP Manager Download:

Auto FTP Manager Full
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Minimum Requirements Auto FTP Manager:

  1. Operating System wins Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / 2019/2016/2012/2008
  2. Standard fast computers
  3. Minimum 40 MB of disk space

How to install / enable Auto FTP Manager 6.0.1:

  1. Disconnect from the Internet (highly recommended)
  2. Open the package and install the program (run the file settings)
  3. Run the program and register offline (program guide)
  4. Use Keygen to generate Serial and Activation
  5. Enjoy the full version of Auto FTP Manager 6.0.1