Creating FTP Server Using VSFTPD on Ubuntu

Ubuntu FTP Server-This post will explain how to create an FTP server on Ubuntu VPS. The vsftpd server will be used, which is widely considered the fastest and safest FTP server for systems like UNIX. FTP or File Transfer Protocol functions to send and receive files through a network connection. By utilizing the client / server framework and SSL / TLS security, FTP allows users to share files for (and receive from) remote computers through safe, efficient and reliable data transfer (using TCP / IP protocol).

FTP functions like HTTP or SMTP; it's just that FTP is responsible for the security of sending files from the sender to the recipient, not the web page from the server to the user or e-mail via the internet. This tutorial will help users understand and create FTP servers on Ubuntu 16.04. For Indonesian web hosting users who want to transfer files between networks, of course they already understand that the process is not as easy and fast as moving files like on their PC. There is an Internet protocol that is the standard for sending files between machines on a network called File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

This time we will help you install an FTP server on the Ubuntu operating system using VSFTPD <Very Secure Daemon Transfer File Protocol> and easy to use. VSFTPD is an FTP application / software server for systems like Unix belonging to the Linux operating system. The license below, the General Public License, also supports IPv6 and SSL so it is very safe to use

Initial Preparation

Please update your Ubuntu operating system by using the command:

apt-get update

Installing VSFTPD

Download and then install the system automatically via the command:

apt-get install vsftpd

Configuration vsftpd.conf

Open / edit the vsftpd.conf file located in the / etc / directory, adjust the contents or can see as our example below:

listen = YES
anonymous_enable = NO
local_enable = YES
write_enable = YES
dirmessage_enable = YES
use_localtime = YES
xferlog_enable = YES
connect_from_port_20 = YES
chroot_local_user = NO
pam_service_name = vsftpd
rsa_cert_file = / etc / ssl / private / vsftpd.pem next to add user

If so, create a user that will be useful as access to manage your FTP Server configuration. Enter the command:

adduser coba_ftp
passwd coba_ftp

After creating a user, you can start the service for vsftpd on your VM, using the command:

# service vsftpd start

  Testing FTP

Open your web browser, type ftp: // domain_anda or ftp: // no_ip
Enter the username and password for the user that was created previously
If successful, then you will enter the user's home.

Thus a brief description of how to build FTP Server using VSFTPD on the Ubuntu operating system. The quality of web hosting also plays an important role in providing file transfer services from and to your online site. CloudKilat itself offers 24-hour service for you users.