SSH FTP-SSH (Secure Shell) or FTP (File Transfer Protocol), both of which are network protocols that run over TCP / IP Layer. But what we currently want to discuss is SSH. Maybe there are still many who don't understand or don't know what SSH is, for that matter, let's discuss what SSH is, what are the benefits and advantages of using SSH.

Understanding SSH (Secure Shell)

SSH is a remote login replacement application such as telnet, rsh, and rlogin, which is much safer. SSH Client provides Users with Shell for remote to the machine. Unlike telnet, SSH provides an encryption connection between the client and the server. In practice, the use of using telnet and ssh is like the difference with accessing a normal website with a safer website (HTTPS). SSH FTP

Understanding FTP

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a protocol that functions to exchange files in a network that uses TCP connections instead of UDP. Two things that are important in FTP are FTP Server and FTP Client. FTP server is a server that runs software that serves to provide file exchange services where the server is always ready to provide FTP services when getting a request (request) from an FTP client.

An FTP client is a computer that requests a connection to an FTP server for the purpose of exchanging files. SSH FTP. After connecting with the FTP server, the client can download, upload, rename, delete, etc. according to the permissions given by the FTP server.

    The use of FTP servers is as follows:

    • For data sharing purposes
    • To provide indirect or implicit remote computers
    • To provide a place of storage for the user
    • To provide reliable and efficient data transfer

The uses of SSH are as follows:
By using SSH you can move freely through the hosting account file structure. You can also carry out tasks such as monitoring log files and starting or stopping services (valid in VPS / Dedicated services). You can even use it to install software to your hosting account or manage the MySQL database. Other uses are as follows:
  • A combination of SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), for safer connections
  • RSYNC functions to copy and transfer files efficiently and safely
  • Browsing the web through a proxy connection encrypted with SSH Client that supports the SOCKS protocol
  • Perform remote monitoring and management of servers through one or more mechanisms
  • SSH port used port 22 to to access it. In the Linux Operating System, we can do this using terminals and additional applications such as OpenSSH. For those who don't know how to access SSH on the Linux and Mac OS operating systems, SSH FTP.,please read the article in the following link:
  • Benefits of using SSH
SSH FTP Download :

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SSH allows data encryption so that malicious possibilities cannot access user information and passwords. SSH also functions to penetrate other protocols such as FTP. Here are some specific things that SSH provides protection:
- DNS Spoofing

This type of hacking attack is done by entering data in the Domain System where the Name Server caches the database. This will cause Name Server to return to the wrong IP so that it can divert traffic to other computers.

- Data manipulation like a router along the network

Attackers obtain or change data at intermediaries along the network route. This is often done on routers where data comes from a gateway or checkpoint on the way to the destination.

- IP Address Spoofing

An IP address is a network that contains fake IP addresses that contain fake IP addresses when you send information. To get an account and usage from this SSH, you can get a free SSH account from the provider provided that the conditions for the base server are on linux.

Surely SSH is used to interact with the server so that with your PC wherever you are you can still perform server control activities through this SSH. Therefore VPS / Colocation / Dedicated Server in MWN SSH FTP  has also available SSH features