SFTP Server

Free SFTP Server

SFTP Server An interactive file transfer program can be said to be a kind of FTP
  • All operations through encryption
  • Uses several features from ssh such as public key authentication and compression
  • Connect and log into the specific host and continue the interactive command mode
  • Securing the process of transferring and copying files by using features that are on SSH, both encrypted, compiled and public key.Sftp server.

Starting Free SFTP Server

The initial commands for SFTP are as follows:
sftp user @ server-ip-adress The first time you connect, SFTP will report that "The authenticity of the host" (the name of the server / host in question) "can't be established .." This means that SFTP doesn't have "server name / the destination host "in the known database host. after that there will be a question asking if you will continue to the server connection, answer yes at the prompt to connect to the server.

What about SFTP, can it overcome FTP weaknesses, we start from the understanding first, SFTP: SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol. This is a combined feature between FTP and SCP. This protocol combines FTP flexibility and security from SCP. This protocol supports file transfers and file manipulation. The SFTP protocol can also be referred to as a new protocol, which is not only using FTP through SSH.

This is usually used with two versions of the SSH protocol (TCP port 22) to provide secure file transfer, but is intended to be used with other protocols as well. From the explanation and comparison above, it can be concluded that we are recommended to use SCP / SFTP. This protocol encrypts your data communications by providing better security standards and helps you to secure your data from 'burglar' data. Sftp server. SFTP has not officially become a standard protocol and therefore most clients will try to use SFTP, and if the application support does not yet exist, we can return to using SCP, even though its features are not yet available in full, but at least your data communication has been encrypted.

then how to make / configure SFTP, what application supports it,


SmartFTP Download:
Free Download

SmartFTP features 3.0.1034.0

- FTP and FTPS (Secure FTP)
- SFTP through SSH
- Modern Graphical User Interface (GUI)
- File / Folder Synchronization
- Multilingual (more than 20 languages)
- Preview column
- Visual comparison
- IPv6
- On-the-fly Compression (MODE Z)
- UTF-8 Support
- Drag & Drop
- Multiple Connections / multiple connections
- Auto reconnect and resume if broken transfers occur
- Transfer Integrity
- FXP (Server-To-Server Transfer) support
- Edit files remotely
- Enhanced NAT / UPnP Support
- Transfer Queue
- International Domain Names (IDN)
- Proxy / Firewall support
- Backup Tool
- URL Watcher
- Cache Remote Directories
- FTP command line
- Custom Commands Free Sftp server
- CHMOD (Properties)