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Definition of SFTP in SFTP Server

SFTP Server stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol, SFTP is the same as FTP, which is the method used to send files. Only SFTP transfers files via SSH, the SFTP server uses the SFTP transport protocol, which is an extension of the Secure Shell (SSH) cryptographic protocol. As the name implies, namely SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) because this protocol is designed to manage files, transfer files and other access functions that are safer than the previous protocol, namely FTP. This SFTP is a combination of FTP and SCP, so it's a combination of FTP and SCP security.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

This is a very good discussion from its predecessor, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which is only used for file transfers. Compared to the previous protocol, or SCP, SFTP allows us to use remote files or allow them to bypass remote file transfer protocols. 
While SCP (Secure Copy) is a protocol, there are also programs that prevent copying.
So, with an interesting combination between FTP and SCP, we can upload files with secure security, and we can also process files remotely or transfer files remotely. Therefore, SFTP is a service provider that provides access files, downloads files, and manages reliable data management and file manipulation. While this SCP is used to provide data transfers related to problems, because SCP requires a program that can make copying safe.
To use an SFTP server in a message transfer profile, you must repair the server first. Then you enter the server in a configuration that can use the SFTP server.

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Rebex Tiny SFTP Server
SFTP Server

Configure SFTP Server

When you configure a supported profile to use an SFTP server, you must specify the credentials needed to connect to the SFTP server. Credit type is indicated when you approve an SFTP server. You can choose authentication with a user ID and password; public key and private key; both types of letters of credit; or one type of letter of credit. After you determine the type of credentials in the SFTP configuration, specify a value for the credentials in the Exchange configuration.
Authentication also includes host keys that are used to support SFTP servers for clients and ensure that the server is known and trusted. The main key avoids human attacks in the middle. The host key is an SFTP server configuration. The server key must be sent by the server to the client.
The SSH protocol for SSH servers is the endpoint that is approved by the recipient or destination during message transmission. The server can win more than one destination or recipient, but the destination or recipient can only SFTP Server support one server.