What is SFTP Port?

SFTP Port or Secure File Transfer Protocol is an internet protocol that serves to make uploading and downloading website files safer. Why is it safer? Because SFTP is a combination of FTP and SCP. SCP which stands for Secure Copy serves to process data transfers using the SSH protocol. So, the process of uploading and downloading website files between FTP servers and FTP clients is safer because the connection is encrypted. Oiya because it uses the SSH protocol for file transfer traffic, make sure your hosting supports SSH access! For those of you who use hosting on DomaiNesia, SSH access can be enjoyed in the Super Hosting Package and above.

What is the Difference Between FTP and SFTP?

FTP uses port 21 and not through the SSH protocol in the data transfer process. Whereas SFTP combines FTP with SCP. So it's safer because the process of transferring data through an encrypted connection. The port used by SFTP is port 22.

1. Choosing an SFTP Account

How to use SFTP is very easy. The first thing you have to do is log into cPanel via your https: // domain / cpanel, according to the email sent from DomaiNesia about Hosting Account Information. After that on the search form type "FTP Account". Then choose FTP account.

2. Configure the FTP Client

After choosing an FTP account, the thing you have to do is configure the FTP Client. After you click Configure FTP Client, it will appear as shown. There are FTP usernames, FTP servers, and FTP ports if you need settings manually. To select SFTP, in the Configuration File column select the FTP Client that you want. You can choose FileZilla, CoreFTP or Cyberduck. However, this guide will use FileZilla. Therefore, please click the SFTP Configuration File.

SFTP Port Download:

SFTP Server
Free Download
Free Download 32-Bit
SFTP Client
Free Download 64-Bit

3. Open the FTP Client (FileZilla)

In this step, you are asked to import the .xml file to FileZilla. First, please open FileZilla first. Then select File Menu. Then click Import. Select the .xml file that was downloaded earlier. After that click OK.

4. Automatic Connection to Host

After the process of importing a .xml file is successful, now you can just do Auto Connect to Host. Click the Open Site Manager icon. Make sure the Host column is filled with the domain name. With the protocol used is SFTP and port 64000. After that, click Connect. Then enter the FTP password. After that click OK.

5. Upload and Download Files

Voila! You have successfully used SFTP. You can transfer data / files safely now. To upload and download website files, please read the Guide to Uploading and Downloading Website Files through FileZilla.


SFTP is a protocol that is useful for uploading website files that are downloaded safely because the connection is encrypted. How to use SFTP on DomaiNesia is very easy. Just like FTP, you can use an FTP Client or a web browser. Oh yes, make sure your hosting has SSH support before connecting to SFTP Port.
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