SFTP Linux

SFTP Linux

SFTP Linux CentOS 7 or any distribution of the Linux server is a great service to work on and beyond your business. Any task you post to the team will be ready. And if you're not ready, you can do it.

for example:

Take, for example, the ability to install CentOS 7 to work as a SFTP server. If you are unsure about the SFTP, an SSH service is one of the fastest and easy access to the SSH service system that allows spam users to move and download files to and from SSH using. With CentOS 7, no installed installation program is done - everything installed on the outside of the box. However, there must be a lot of effort to take this form.

I will guide you through the format of the SFTP server. I will show you how to make a single person connecting to the SFTP. Once you know how to do this, you can make many people use it as needed. I will use CentOS 7 as a base, but this process will work on any Linux.

What you need

As I mentioned, CentOS 7 has already got everything you need, from the box. However, you just need to use it for your own. Once you have it, it's time to do it.

SFTP Directors

The first thing we should do is create a list that keeps our FTP data stored. Open the certified information, the source of the person (attach, then, when prompted, click the user password signup), and then erase the following two commands:

mkdir -p / data / sftp
chmod 701 / days
Increasing areas with SFTP users
Now we will create a special feature for SFTP users. This is done by this command:

SFTP Linux Download:

SFTP Linux

sftp_users groupadd

Currently, we will create specialists who do not have time to enter but are a new part made by sftp_users. What you call consumers depends on you The rules for this matter are:

Command useradd -g sftp_users -d / upload -s / sbin / nologin USERNAME
USERNAME is currently your special name.

Then give the person using a new word. This verified word will be a funny word used by new users to enter the sftp command. For setting a statement, give the command:

through the USERNAME

Where is the name USERNAME named above?

Build a new SFTP list for users
We will now make a mark of burden, especially for new members, and then send it in the correct form. This is governed by the rule:

up -p / data / USERNAME / attachment
choose -R root: sftpusers / data / USERNAME
selected -R USERNAME: sftpusers / data / USERNAME / attachment
Where is USERNAME the newest name you made on it?

Direct SSHD

Open the SSH daemon file configuration to the command:

nano / etc / ssh / sshd_config
add the following ,in the bottom of the file:

Basic policy
ChrootDirectory / data /% u
Internal-sftp ForceCommand
Save and close the file. Restart SSH with the command:

and resume SSHD
Signature to
You're ready to come in. From other connecting devices connected to SSH, open openness and order:

USERNAME is our new name and SERVER_IP of the IP address of our SPSTP server. You will be prompted for USERNAME. After you have entered, you will be welcomed into a quick sftp. Enter the pwd to check the office and check out (Picture A).

Picture A

Our new SFTP enters and works correctly.

Simple solution
Only have a server SFTP on Linux. For all companies who wish to provide staff and customers a simple and safe way to download and download files, not just a good solution, is a great problem. Get a SFTP Linux Download server  run and cost