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SecureFX Download VanDyke Software Files Internet-based FTP transfers are an integral part of many organizations' daily operations. FTP is an old protocol that is used by many client programs (paid and free), and it can make your data in delivery at serious risk. FTP clients transfer data clearly, including user names and passwords. To ensure the security and integration of your data, you request a safe alternative to FTP. Clients transfer files securely The VanDyke, SecureFX® Software, provides the security you need.

Versatile Safe Alternative

SecureFX supports agreeing to secure file transfer protocols:


Multi-protocol support for client-server connection problems while providing security data. Because SecureFX supports file transfers using standard non-secure FTP, this client program can be used to facilitate internal transfers behind a firewall. Secure FX is available for most major platforms - Windows (32-bit and 64-bit architectures), Mac, and Linux.

Security and Compliance
Used as an SFTP client, SecureFX provides a high level of security for your data during transit. SecureFX also allows you to configure settings to help your organization maintain approval of SOX, HIPAA, and FIPS 140-2 regulations. Using the SFXCL request line utility, you can even automate file transfer operations without violating data security.

SecureFX  provides secure FTP alternatives that your organization needs. The well-known user interface makes user adoption smooth, and multi-protocol and multi-platform approves making clients transfer files VanDyke Software is ideal for standardization. Download SecureFX for free for 30 days.

SecureFX Download :

Free Download

Use SecureFX

SecureFX is launched using the Windows Desktop icon or the Windows Start menu (usually Start | All Programs | SecureFX Download
In the Connect window that appears, select one of the Sessions listed, or make additional connections. If the Connect window does not appear, click the Connect icon or select File, Connect from the menu at the top of the SecureFX window.

Click the Connect button.

If you see a prompt about New Host Key, the usual response is to click the Receive & Save button.
You will be asked to provide your Username (eg Mst3k); type and click OK.
A new prompt appears with the username provided, and a prompt for the password for the remote machine. Type your account password and click OK.
A window will open for your remote computer.
Once connected, you can drag & drop files and folders between your SecureFX Download computer and the server.