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Secure Ftp Download This is a very good update from its predecessor, SFTP Secure File Tranfer Protocol(SFTP), which is used only for file transfers. And compared to the previous protocol, namely SCP, SFTP allows us to do remote files or it can be said to be a remote Secure File Tranfer Protocol.

Where as this SCP (Secure Copy) is a protocol and in it there is also a program for safe copying.
So with the combination of SFTP and SCP we can transfer files with guaranteed security, and also we can allow remote files or can be said to be remote file transfers. So SFTP is a service provider that provides file access, file transfer, and management functions over trusted data and even file manipulation. Whereas SCP is used to provide impermeable data transfer from interference, because SCP has a program that can make copying safe

How Secure FTP Download  Works

Secure Ftp Download (SFTP) only uses standard authentication, which uses a username and password sent in an unencrypted form. Registered users can use their username and password to access SFTP, after the user can log in or it can be said that the user has access. Then after that the user can upload (download) and download (download) the files he wants. Generally, after a user has successfully logged in, the user gets full access to several directories, so users can create files, create directories, and can even delete files and directories. Whereas for users who are not yet registered, they can access SFTP using the anonymous login method, using an anonymous username and password filled using an e-mail address. In the SFTP server, we as Admin can also make anonymous SFTP which means SFTP which can be accessed without using a particular user and SFTP Authentication User which means SFTP that uses a username and password to login and can access the SFTP. For those who want to try both anonymous and Authentication User SFTP configurations, please visit here and here first hehe. Pass the promotion

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An SFTP Client is an application that can issue SFTP commands to an SFTP server, while an SFTP server is a Windows Service or daemon that runs on a computer that responds to commands from a Clent SFTP. The SFTP commands can be used to change directories, change the sending mode between binary da ASCII, upload files to the SFTP server, and download files from the SFTP server. An SFTP server can be accessed using the Universal Resource Identifier (URI) using the SFTP format: // nameservers. The SFTP client can contact the SFTP server using a URI (the format).
That's a little description of SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol SFTP