Secure File Transfer Protocol

Secure File Transfer Protocol

Secure File Transfer Protocol-Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a method of transferring files between computers via SSH securely secure data flow. the SFTP system in terms of calculating the SSH File Transfer Protocol or better known as the Secure Transfer Protocol and easy to operate, which is a network protocol designed to offer file management, file transfer, and more file access functions for every reliable data stream or channel. This is also a major advance from its predecessor, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which was used to become a standard in file transference between two computers during the dialup era and before the broadband era.

File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS) is the application of FTP servers using secure socket layer (SSL) protocols, while Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is the application of FTP servers with secure shell (SSH) protocol.

SFTP Function :

  • To share data safely.
  • To provide indirect or implicit remote computers.
  • To provide a place of storage for the user.
  • To provide reliable and efficient data transfer.

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is a combined feature between FTP and SCP (Secure Copy). This protocol combines FTP flexibility and security from SCP. This protocol encrypts your data communications by providing better security standards and helps you secure your data from "thief" data. For ordinary users FTP can still be received as a daily file transfer media. But for use on enterprise clients they usually use SFTP as the standard.

In the development phase, programmers certainly need to do testing from the results of the coding. If we use a separate server, it will be difficult because we need to log in via the FTP client to see the files that have been sent. Then surely you will find a way so that the SFTP server can run on localhost. I at that time used Windows OS trying to find a SFTP server that didn't need to be installed and finally found it on

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Secure File Transfer Protocol
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What is SCP ?

The SCP program, also referred to as a secure copy, is software that applies the SCP protocol as a service or client daemon. This is a program to make copying safe. The SCP server program is usually the same program as the SCP client. Secure Copy (SCP) feature provides a secure and confirmed method for copying router configurations or router file images.

The SCP program is a safe analog of the RCP command. The SCP program must be part of all SSH servers that want to provide SCP services, as a function of SCP as a SCP server as well. Some SSH implementations provide SCP2 programs, which use the SFTP protocol instead of SCP, but provide the same command line interface as SCP. SCP is then usually a symbolic link to SCP2. SCP's behavior is similar to remote copy (rcp), which comes from Berkeley's r-suite tool, except SCP which relies on SSH for security.

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