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Putty Download-Putty is a free and open source software emulator used to transfer or transfer files between computers on a network. If you are in the office and use a computer for office purposes, it is very likely that your computer and a colleague's computer or friend next to you in a local network or commonly called a LAN (Local Area Network). In a local network within the office, you can do many things. Some examples such as file sharing, sharing or printer sharing, even sharing an internet connection. While you are doing all office activities, there may be some of your colleagues who are in charge of managing the local network so that the network can run and work properly. Those who are usually called this administrator will try to make your network appear optimal. In an effort to perfect the network, of course they will require a lot of simulations, and Putty is one of the software that may be most widely used to simulate local networks.

Use of Putty

Putty is often used to make network connections, try programs to simulate many things that have to do with the network. As mentioned above, Putty is an open source software that utilizes network protocols in carrying out its features and functions, such as SSH and Telnet protocols. This software uses the protocol to access and activate remote sessions on a computer or PC. Putty will use the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol, which allows Putty to help us exchange data between two devices safely or securely.

The making and development of Putty's software have actually been made for a long time, namely since 1998 and has been used as an SSH-2 client since October 2000. This putty was written or created and maintained and maintained by a person named Simon Tatham. Initially, Putty was only targeted at users on the Microsoft Windows platform. But some users have ported this software so that it can be operated on several platforms other than Microsoft Windows such as Unix, Classic Mac OS, and Mac OS, as well as some unofficial ports that can be used for other platforms such as Symbian, Windows Mobile to Windows Phone.

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Putty is one of the software that received good acceptance from critics. Like for example Justin James from the Tech Republic who highlighted the reliability and support of cross-platform from this software. According to him, this side is some of the most prominent things from this software. Then there are also comments from J. Peter Bruzzers from Info World that put Putty on the list or list he made, namely 15 Essential Open Source Tools for Windows (Microsoft) Admin and write in the list that application applications that mimic or imitate are not as good as the performance Putty from this software

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