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How to Manage and Use FTP Server on Android

Server on Android-There are many ways to transfer data from your Android device to a PC. For example, you can use traditional USB methods, Bluetooth, or applications such as Xender and ShareIt. However, did you know that you can transfer files from an Android device to a PC or vice versa using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?

FTP is a network protocol used to transfer files from one location to another on the Internet. The two locations in FTP are called Clients and Servers. The client requests a file from the server.

File transfer using FTP can be done between two computers, a cellular and computer device, or a computer with a cloud account.

You may have heard about the term FTP when someone talks about a website. We usually use FTP to transfer website files from the computer to the hosting server. However, it can also be used to transfer files between two local computers or two other devices connected over the same network. In this article, we'll tell you how to use FTP on your Android phone to transfer files to your computer.

FTP on Cellular

FTP is a simple way to transfer files from your Android device (mobile phone or tablet) to a PC wirelessly over a local network. Here, your Android device acts as a server and your PC is a client.

This method does not require a USB cable or even Bluetooth. the requirement for FTP on Android is that your Android and PC device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you don't have the same Wi-Fi network, you can create a hotspot and then use FTP.

Remember, the same Wi-Fi connection or network does not mean that you must have a working Internet connection. They are generally used as alternatives but differ in meaning. Even if the Internet is not working and you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can use FTP to transfer files.

What to do with FTP on Android

You can use FTP for three things:
  1. To access Android phone files on your computer with Wi-Fi without using USB
  2. function To send files and receive files between Android and PC operating systems
  3. Copy, move, delete, rename, etc. You can also do transactions. In your Android file on your PC.

How to use FTP on Android

To transfer files via FTP between an Android device and a Windows PC, you must download a third-party FTP server from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Some brands such as Mi have built-in FTP features. We have given instructions for the following Mi devices separately.

For other Android devices, follow these steps:

Step 1. Download a third-party FTP application

As mentioned above, you must have an FTP application on your Android. Some file navigators, such as ES File Explorer and Solid Explorer, have the default FTP capabilities. The steps will remain the same for all applications with small differences in the location of the options.

If you have a File Manager application with FTP, you do not need to download a separate application. However, if you are looking for an FTP application, here are easy-to-use options :

FTP Server on Android Download :
    WiFi FTP Server
    Free Download
    Ftp Server
    Free Download
    WiFi File Transfer
    Free Download
    FTP Server
    Free Download

We will use the WiFi FTP server application for our training. This is one of the easiest FTP applications.

Step 2. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network
After installing the FTP application on your Android device, connect your Android device and computer to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3. Start FTP Service
Open the WiFi FTP server application on your device. Tap the Start button. The application will ask for permission to access your media files. Give me permission.

Step 4. Open FTP Link on your PC
After you press the Start button, the FTP application will give you an FTP URL or server URL. This would be something like

Now you can access Android files on PC using three methods:
  1. Browser
  2. File Explorer
  3. FTP applications such as FileZilla
Your Android files are easily accessible from any browser, such as Google Chrome. However, you cannot install anything or perform any operation using this method. You can only download Android files to the PC.

To access files from Chrome, enter the FTP URL in the Chrome address bar and press enter.
You can use File Explorer on your PC or download an FTP application such as FileZilla to perform operations such as uploading, moving or renaming. For ordinary users, Windows Explorer is enough, so we'll just focus on that.

On your computer, open Windows Explorer and enter the FTP URL in the Windows Explorer address bar. Press the Enter key.
All files on your Android device

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