FTP Upload

FTP Upload

FTP Upload-Have you ever wanted to upload a website but are confused about how to do it? No need to be confused, bro, because now we will learn together about this. but actually already know that if you can't upload a website using FileZilla, FileZilla can be used to transfer larger files. Usually most hosts have limited capacity or space when uploading files through PHP or script. So, you can use FileZilla to upload websites using FTP Upload.

What exactly is FTP and how do you use FileZilla, let's see the meaning below:

What is FTP?

Basically, FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a way to transfer files online. You might think of sites that you visit in your browser as "internet", but your browser uses only one protocol: HTTP.

There are many other protocols which, collectively, form the internet. IMAP and POP, for example, are two protocols that email clients use to send and receive messages. XMPP Use protocols to send and receive instant messages. And there is DNS, the protocol used to translate domain names to IP addresses.

Technically, FTP is also one of the oldest protocols in use today, and is an easy way to move files. The FTP server offers access to directories, with sub-directories. Users connect to this server with an FTP client, software that lets you download files from the server, and upload files to it.FTP Upload

Use of FileZilla

FileZilla is a free File Transfer Protocol application or software, which consists of the FileZilla Client application and the FileZilla Server application. Client applications are available for Windows, OS Linux, and MacOS operating systems. Both the server system and FTP and FTPS client systems support <FTP via SSL or TLS>, while clients can also connect to the SFTP server.

Here's the Steps to Upload a Website Using FTP

Step 1:  Open FTP or download first if you don't have FTP

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Step 2 : Enter the server by entering Host, Username, Password and Port. Then click the Quickconnect button

Step 3 : If you have successfully entered the server, you will get a notification as below

Step 4 : Then change directory to public.html. The public.html directory is a directory that is read on your website

Step 5 : Next you can select files one by one or you can also use the ctrl + a key to select all files. Then right-click and select Upload.


Step 6 : If it is successful, it can be seen from the Sucesssful transfer panel

Final stage

After you have finished uploading, make sure you close the connection to the website, especially if you use the internet from public facilities such as internet cafes. The trick, click the icon "disconnect from server, now you can easily upload using  FTP Upload websites through FileZilla