FTP Server Windows

FTP Server Windows

FTP Server Windows File Transfer Protocol for Windows is a protocol that functions to exchange files in a network that uses TCP connections instead of UDP. Two things that are important in FTP are FTP Server and FTP Client. FTP server is a server that runs software that serves to provide file exchange services where the server is always ready to provide FTP services when getting a request (request) from an FTP client.
An FTP client is a computer that requests a connection to an FTP server Server for the purpose of exchanging files. After connecting with the FTP server, the client can download, upload, rename, delete, etc. according to the permissions given by the FTP server.

The purpose of the FTP server is as follows:

  1. For data sharing purposes
  2. To provide indirect or implicit remote computers
  3. To provide a place of storage for the user
  4. To provide reliable and efficient data transfer
FTP server Windows is a server that has and runs an FTP service as a recipient of a request or as a place to exchange data (files).
Understanding FTP CLient

FTP Client is a software that serves to make requests to FTP Server services, the FTP Client has an interface directly to the client for uploading and downloading files (data exchange) on the FTP Server. Not only download and upload FTP Client can also do Rename, Delete, Edit Permission etc.

Difference between FTP server and FTP client
FTP server is a server that is in charge of providing sending / exchanging data services to an FTP client on condition that the FTP client must request (request) first to the FTP server. An FTP server can work with active or passive connections. On an active connection, if the client opens a port, the server is automatically connected actively. If you are connected to an FTP server actively, then you need to set a firewall to accept connections to a port that will be opened by the FTP client. An active FTP server usually uses 20 ports as its data port.

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FTP Server Windows
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While the FTP client is a computer / device that requests data exchange services to FTP servers. After connecting to an FTP server, FTP clients can download, upload and so on according to the permission given by the previous FTP server. Most FPT Clients choose to use a passive connection by default, because the server admin considers this to be safer. By using a passive connection, all connections starting from the outside will be directly blocked. With passive mode, it is the FTP Client that requests the server to make a connection.

How FTP Server Windows works

The only method used by FTP is the standard authentication method, where a username and password are needed to access data on the FTP server. Registered users (have a username and password) have full access to several directories along with the files in them so that registered users can create, copy, move or even delete these directories, this FTP Server Windows works