FTP Server Windows 10

Windows Server FTP 10

FTP Server Windows 10, If you have been relying on cloud storage services to store and access files via the internet, you can try FTP. FTP or File Transfer Protocol can be an alternative to move files easily, quickly, and for free instead of using cloud storage services. To prepare your Windows 10 so that it can be a file container via the FTP network, you need to take a few simple steps. FTP Server Windows 10. It's not difficult, you can follow how to set up an FTP connection that we summarized in this article, please listen.

1. Activate the FTP server on Windows 10

The first step you need to do is activate the FTP server through the Programs and Features settings. To access these settings, you can visit Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features
On the left side bar, click the Turn Windows features on or off option. This function requires access to an administrator account, so you have to click OK when there is confirmation of the UAC (User Account Control) dialog.

After that there will be a Windows Features dialog box that lists the Windows features. Scroll down to the Internet Information Services section> enable FTP Server and 2 sub-functions, FTP Extensibility and FTP Service. Also activate the IIS Management Console function in the Web Management Tools sub-folder.

2. Make an FTP folder

After setting up the FTP component, you can continue to create FTP folders to be accessible from anywhere, using any device via the internet. The methods are as follows :

Open the Control Panel> System and Security> Administrative Tools> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. On the left side bar, click the computer name (username)> right click on Sites> Add FTP Site, in the dialog box that appears, you can choose a folder on the computer to be accessible on other devices. Leave all options in default (default).FTP Server Windows 10. FTP Server Windows 10.   then click Finish at the end of FTP settings and your FTP folder is ready to use or by using the application:

FTP Server Windows 10:

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3. Access FTP from Windows Explorer on another computer

To access the FTP folder that you have set up quite easily, just open Windows Explorer and type the IP address of the computer that you have set as the FTP server, for example
Congratulations, you already have a private cloud server that is free of charge and has a maximum transfer speed (depending on the ISP connection you use),thank for FTP Server Windows 10 download in this blog