FTP Server

FTP Server

FTP Server stands for File Transfer Protocol. This is an internet service designed to make connections to certain internet servers or computers, so that users can send files to a computer (download) or send files to the server (upload). FTP is currently widely used to exchange data, because it is easier than using wired or physical devices.

Hopefully with this article the reader can understand what FTP is and how to use FTP to do remote servers. Remote server is very useful for managing websites without having to enter into a hosting account or Virtual Private Server (VPS).

History of FTP Server

Before discussing what history is FTP, I will explain a little about Telnet's relationship with FTP. Telnet is used to connect directly (indirect network), while FTP uses an indirect connection. Both types of TCP / IP connections are the two main models introduced.

An indirect connection means using resources from a remote host and using it on a local system. Then transfer it back to the remote host.

The first standard FTP Server was RFC 114 which was issued in 1971, even before TCP and IP existed. This standard is used to define basic commands used for planning communication systems that want to use them. The FTP protocol used for internet standards was compiled by the Internet Engineering Task Force committee as a series of official RFC documents (Request for Comments).

FTP Server is made so that users can move files from one place to another. Like the TCP / IP protocol in general, this is based on the client / server model.

FTP Server Download :

FTP Server
FTP Server
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FTP Server function and FTP use

There are several FTP functions that are currently widely used, such as uploading web pages to the Internet through web hosting. Other functions such as updating the revisions of the program carried out by the FTP developer application. Complete, the following is a function of FTP that currently exists.

    - Do upload web pages to the web server / web hosting to the internet
    - Browse and download files from public software sites
    - Send large files into two partitions which may be too large for attachments in e-mail
    - Download and upload content, such as assignments to an FTP server
   -  Distribute the latest revisions to the program carried out by software developers

Of course not only that, there are many other FTP functions that can be used in doing daily work. You can develop it yourself and adjust it to the required usage requirements. However, basically the simple function of FTP is to make it easier for users to move files from one place to another FTP Server.