FTP Port

FTP Port

FTP Port (File Transfer Protocol) is one of the oldest protocols on the Internet. The FTP protocol was developed by Abhay Bhushan (IIT and MIT) in the 1970s, while working on the ARPAnet project. However, FTP remains a type of service that is often used by Internet users, especially to download software or other things. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has been around for twenty years in internet history, so this protocol already has good standards. Many other ways to come and go.

But FTP Port is the most commonly used way to send files over the internet, and this makes it a tool that we recommend to secure your site in Media Host - FTP client is available in every operating system that supports networking, and there are several elements in site management can only be done using the FTP client.FTP Port.  FTP becomes an important element on the internet so it would be very detrimental to not provide facilities that support FTP as part of your site.

FTP Port 21

FTP Port 21 Is a port for FTP File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a protocol that functions to exchange files in a network that uses TCP connections instead of UDP. Two things that are important in FTP are FTP Server and FTP Client. FTP server is a server that runs software that serves to provide file exchange services where the server is always ready to provide FTP services when getting a request (request) from an FTP client.

FTP Port client is a computer that requests a connection to an FTP server for the purpose of exchanging files. After connecting with the FTP server, the client can download, upload, rename, delete, etc. according to the permissions given by the FTP server.
FTP Server function and FTP use
There are several FTP functions that are currently widely used, such as uploading web pages to the Internet through web hosting. FTP Port. Other functions such as updating the revisions of the program carried out by the FTP developer application. Complete, the following is a function of FTP that currently exists.

FTP Port Download:

FTP Port Server
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FTP Port Client
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FTP function :

Uploading web pages to web servers / web hosting to the internet Browse and download files from public software sites, send large files to two partitions that may be too large for attachments in e-mail, download and upload content, such as assignments to the FTP server, distributing the latest revisions to the program carried out by software developers.

Of course not only that, there are many other FTP functions that can be used in doing daily work. You can develop it yourself and adjust it to the required usage requirements. FTP Port. However, basically the simple function of FTP is to make it easier for users to move files from one place to FTP Port to another.