FTP Online

FTP Online

FTP Online File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is always important to transfer files from your computer to a web server or from a web server to your computer. This is a very important tool even if you use a WordPress site. If you use WordPress but have a problem, you can only access files with the File Transfer Protocol. If you have FTP access to your web server, like FileZilla, but if a situation occurs, you can rely on an online FTP site to access your files on your web server if you cannot use this type of client.

Most online FTP sites are easy to use and offer a similar interface. The interface also looks the same to make it easier for people to transfer files and folders. This can be said to be the best web application for webmasters. The FTP Online client also provides many or all of the features provided by FTP software that can be used by installing on your computer, but problems installing FTP clients are supported, some are supported on Windows, some are not supported.FTP Online.  You might like that supports Linux, but you will have a Windows Operating System.

1. Net2FTP

The first choice is I want to give net2ftp because when I use free web hosting a year ago I was advised to use this online FTP client. I feel very comfortable using it. CPanel offers all services provided by your online file manager. You can copy, move, select and edit files. It has a code editor and special editor for HTML called HTML editor. To limit the use of servers, this limits the loading of certain users to a certain size, ie users can only upload files up to a certain bandwidth. He can't upload files for that day. Net2ftp is also used to transfer files from one server to another. FTP Online. If you have two web servers, it's better to transfer files from one server to another.

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2. FTPLive

I think FtpLive is well known after Net2FTP because it provides some features less than Net2FTP. Serves to upload, download, move and copy files. You can also edit files. Allows you to change permissions (CHMOD) for certain files or folders. It also offers superior FTP access that will offer you more services than free. With FTP premium, you won't be able to see their ads, so you can feel more comfortable transferring your files. FTP Online. You can also upload a maximum of 10 MB files on a free account. However, in a premium account, you can upload up to 300MB at a time with a secure SSL connection.

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3. SmoothFTP

The SmoothFTP user interface looks very clean and more intuitive. This site runs on all operating systems and can be used to perform all basic file operations, namely copying, moving, deleting, loading, and downloading. FTP Online SmoothFTP can also be used to open or compress compressed files. Usually, extract from ZIP files.

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