FTP Download What Is It?

FTP Download (File Transfer Protocol) is a service that is provided so that files on a network or network can exchange files and information using a TCP connection with port 21. There are two important things that must be known in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) together. The first is FTP server and the second is FTP client.

FTP Server functions to provide services provided so that files can exchange information if FTP (File Transfer Protocol) receives requests from FTP clients. Whereas FTP cilent has the task of requesting a connection to FTP Server (File Transfer Protocol) with the aim that inter-files in FTP can exchange information.

FTP servers have the following objectives:

  • Do data sharing
  • Provides services to implicit remote computers
  • Providing services as a place of storage for computer users
  • Provides services to make efficient and reliable data transfers.

Exchange of data and information is very important in one computer, if there is no exchange of files and information, you will not be able to upload, download, watch videos, read information and do other important things. Therefore the role of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is very much needed in one computer.

FTP Download Server (File Transfer Protocol) Based on access rights, divided into two, namely FTP user and anonymous FTP. In FTP users, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) can only be used by computer users who have permissions, so it is not arbitrary for people to access data on the File Transfer Protocol using this FTP user.

Whereas anonymous FTP is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) that can be accessed by anyone, because by using FTP anonymous, computer users can access data without using self-identity, free of passwords. Even if there is a password requested by anonymous FTP then it is a password to verify anonymous FTP.

Understanding FTP

File Transfer Protocol or commonly abbreviated as FTP is one of the existing protocols on the internet that is used to transfer data, files and information contained in a computer network. An example is when you upload files and download files, all that can be done with the help of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

How FTP works

FTP Download Server (File Transfer Protocol) If you have done uploads, downloads, etc., then have you ever thought about how that happened and how it was done. The method used in the File Transfer Protocol or FTP is a standard authentication method, using this method, computer users need a username and password to be able to access data.
With the username and password provided by FTP (File Transfer Protocol), computer users can freely access the files and data contained in them, so that computer users are able to move, copy, create or even computer users. also has the power to delete the directory contained in it. If talking about how the File Transfer Protcol (FTP) works, then before the data exchange occurs, the File Transfer Protocol client must first make a connection request to the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. If the FTP client is connected to an FTP server, then the File Transfer Protocol client can do activities that you often do.

FTP Server
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FTP Client
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Example of FTP

After knowing a lot of things related to FTP (File Transfer Protocol), then you also need to know the example of an FTP application. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) applications are based on graphics / GUI (Graphical User Interface) and some are text based (DOS). The following is an example of a File Transfer Protocol Server application and an example of a File Transfer Protocol application.

FTP Server application

    Xlight FTP 
    Core FTP
    Rebex Tiny SFTP

    File Transfer Protocol Client application

    Zilla file
    Fire FTP

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