FTP CLient Tutorial
How do you use FTP to transfer files

FTP Client Tutorial -To transfer files via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), you must make an FTP connection. You can use a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) or an FTP Client to make an FTP connection. To transfer files via FTP, you must have an FTP account for the web area to transfer the file to.

 How to create an FTP account?

 On the Add FTP Account page, you must fill all the fields.
  • Login - the name of the new FTP account user. Your domain name is your domain name's domain name, it will be added automatically after the user name. For example, if you enter ftpuser, your full username is ftpuser@sftpport.com
  • Password - password for a new FTP account
  • Password (repeat) - the same password in the above field
  • Directory - the directory where you have access to new FTP accounts. Note that the FTP account can also access all subfolders. For example, if you select the public_html folder, you can access and modify all subfolders within the new FTP account - public_html / folder1, public_html / folder2 / folder3, and so on
  • Quota - Quota in MB for new FTP users is allowed.

When using a web browser for FTP connections, FTP uploads are sometimes too slow and downloads are not preserved (large files are not recommended for downloading or downloading).

FTP Client Software

An FTP client is a software designed to transfer files back and forth between computers and servers over the Internet. It must be installed on your computer and can only be used with direct connection to the Internet.

It is very easy to upload / download files with FTP Clients (such as FileZilla, Cyberduck or Transmit). In addition, the FTP client has several additional features. For example, you can continue downloading successfully. This is a very good feature for people with slow internet connection.FTP Client Tutorial

The FTP client interface is usually divided into two - the left panel shows the files and folders on your computer (Desktop, My Documents, etc.) and the right panel displays the files on a remote server (this is your web site's hosting account, you will see) the public_html folder, where your site files are stored).

FTP File Transfer

File transfer is done by dragging and dropping files from one panel to another. Additional features of FTP Clients are: multiple file transfers at once, automatic transfer, queue files and more.FTP Client Tutorial

Free FTP Client Software

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