FireFTP is a free, open source, cross-platform FTP client that is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Supports FireFTP, FTP, FTPS and SFTP. FireFTP is a help software and works on platforms supported by Firefox. The FireFTP layout is similar to WS FTP.

If FireFTP is enabled on the Tools menu, the Firefox window appears to have two panels. The left-hand panel shows the local file system, which is a list of files in the current directory. The right panel shows the remote FTP server. The panels include two buttons with one arrow for downloading and one for downloading.
To connect to an FTP server, a contact can directly enter the site name ("QuickConnect") or use the Account Manager to enable FireFTP to remember settings about a particular site, including usernames and passwords.

FireFTP supports directory caching lists and can make comparisons between local directory trees and a remote control. It can connect through the proxy server and reconnect automatically after disconnecting. This can also be set to block all ftp: // in Firefox (which will open in FireFTP).

FireFTP offers functionality to synchronize upload / download time stamps. However, the local time stamp is replaced by a remote control. It is possible to transfer files larger than 2 GB since version 2.0.24.

1. Make sure the competitor share has FTP Server installed
2. Then please install the first FireFTP plug-ins.
3. Fireftp's first screen if it is already installed.
4. Click Create Account.
5. After that, fill in:
    Account Name: (account name)
    Host: (vs rival share)
    login: (host name of host share)
    Password: (PC password from competing share)
6. After you have filled everything, click Connect.
7. After sharing with competitors, it will be out of FTP against previously shared
8. Then select the file or folder to share. Then click the arrow pointing to the right to install. Wait until the prosses have finished loading. The length and absence of the installation process depends on  the size of the file to be shared
9. If the file has been uploaded, the right panel appears from the file that we uploaded earlier.

FireFTP :

Free Download

FireFTP Features

• Free!
• Support on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
• Secure: SSL / TLS / SFTP support, the same encryption as online banking and shopping
• Synchronization: Keep the directories synchronized while navigating.
• Directory Comparison: Compare directory contents (also compares subdirectories!)
• International: available in more than 20 languages
• Character Set Support: UTF8 and almost all supported character encodings
• Automatic reattachment and maintenance of transponders
• Search / Filter
• Integrity Transfer checks (XMD5, XSHA1)
• Export / Import accounts
• Remote Edit
• File Hashing: Generates file hashes (MD5, various SHAs)
• Drag and Drop
• File Compression: Using MODE Z
• Time Stamp Synchronization
• Proxy support
• FXP support
• Advanced features (CHMOD, recursive CHMOD, thumbnails)
• Tutorials and help files available for support
• IPv6 support
• Open source!
• Seamless integration with Mozilla Firefox