Filezilla FTP Server

Filezilla FTP Server

FileZilla FTP Server or also known as FileZilla Client, is one of the free, open source, cross-platform FTP software. Support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. This software supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS (FTP in SSL / TLS). Since March 5, 2009, this software is the fifth most downloaded software of all time from

FileZilla Server is another product from FileZilla Client. This is an FTP server supported by the same project and support features for FTP via SSL or TLS. The FileZilla source code is placed on This project appeared as "This Month's Project" in November 2003. In December 2017, FileZilla users criticized that SourceForge and the FileZilla developer bundled installer with malicious software in the application.

This computer software has advantages in speed and convenience in transferring files. The application window is divided into two, one for displaying files and folders on the local computer, and one for displaying files and folders on the server computer. You can simply drag and drop to transfer files from the computer to the network / internet server, or vice versa. FileZilla also allows you to reconnect to the server that you last accessed before, just by pressing a button.

The FileZilla program is widely applied and used by users of computer and internet networks. FileZilla is free software. FileZilla can be run on the Windows XP operating system, Windows Vista, Windows 7, also available for Linux and Mac OS. Filezilla FTP Server. To install the latest version of this program, your Windows computer only has a hard drive with an empty capacity of at least 10MB.

FileZilla Features

  • The site manager allows users to set up a list of FTP sites and their connection data, such as port numbers, protocols, and whether to use anonymous or normal logs. For normal logs, the username and password will be saved. Password storage is optional.
  • Message log at the top of the window. This feature shows console-type output that shows instructions sent by FileZilla and responses received from the server.
  • The file and folder view under the log message (Message log), presents a graphical form of the interface for FTP. Users can navigate folders and view and change their contents on local computers and servers using the Explorer style interface. You can drag and drop files between server computers and local computers
  • Transfer queue is displayed along the bottom of the window, showing the real-time status of each active queue or file transfer. Filezilla FTP Server
Filezilla FTP Server :

Filezilla FTP Server
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How to use FileZilla

  • Download the FileZilla application Here.
  • After downloading, install the application.
  •  After successful installation, open the FileZilla application.
  • Please fill in the host, username and password at the top of the bar. Host is filled by entering your domain without using www. The username is filled with your cpanel username. Password is filled with your cpanel password. What is cpanel? cpanel is an online Control Panel that can be used to manage websites, create email accounts and many other things such as script installation.
  • Prepare your file. After that, open the file that you want to upload on FileZilla.
  • Now, make sure the location of the data or your localhost web file is to the left of FileZilla Client.
  • Please drag all your web files that will be uploaded to the hosting server. Make sure all files are dragged / blocked, then right-click and select Upload. Make sure your upload destination is in the public_html folder on the hosting server.
  • You just have to wait and the process will be finished.

Thus a brief description of Filezilla FTP Server. Besides knowing how to use FileZilla, you can also read various other interesting Filezilla FTP Server articles related here.