File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a protocol that functions to exchange files in a network of computers that support the TCP / IP protocol. Two main things on FTP are FTP Server and FTP Client. FTP can also be said to be an Internet protocol that runs within the application layer which is the standard for transferring computer files between machines in a framework.

FTP is one of the earliest Internet protocols developed, and is still used today to download and upload computer files between FTP Client and FTP Server. An FTP client is an application that can issue FTP commands to an FTP server, while an FTP server is a Windows service or daemon that runs on a computer that responds to commands from an FTP client.

The main function of FTP is to exchange files on the network

FTP function is to transfer files between computers connected via a network, including the internet. In technical language, FTP is known as a network protocol that allows the transfer of files between computers connected to network-based TCP / IP. FTP also functions to simplify the distribution of files, speeding up indirectly or implicyt using a remote computer, protecting users from various file storage systems between hosts.

The FTP Server function is to run the software used for file exchange (File Exchange), which is always ready to provide FTP services when getting a request or request from the FTP Client. The FTP Client is a computer that requests a connection to the FTP Server for the purpose of exchanging files (Uploading and Downloading Files).

The main function of FTP is to exchange files on the network.

How FTP worksThe way it works is mainly used in the development of websites to carry out FTP functions, which are transferring file pages from the Client computer to a computer hosting website, also used by sites that provide file download facilities. This is also used for intra-network files on small computer network systems.

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Concept of File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

In FTP there is an FTP model, the FTP model is a standard that can describe a simple operation. The FTP model has the task of defining commands that participate in a file transfer from the two communication channels that are formed as well as FTP components that regulate both channels and the definition of terminology used for these components. As the name implies file transfer protocol (FTP) which means everything the process is included in the client and server protocol. FTP clients are referred to as users, where FTP users perform commands and processes from machines called clients.

This process is a series of operations on FTP software. While the understanding of File transfer protocol server or FTP server is the place where the FTP client is connected and does the process that takes place

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